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Research Projects

Collaborations are most welcome. Please send your proposals to Dr. John G. Delinasios or Dr. George J. Delinasios. The following research projects are in progress at the IIAR in cooperation with other Cancer Research Centers.  Invasion and metastasis: In vitro and in vivo models.  In vitro and in vivo preclinical evaluation of new anticancer agents.  Mechanisms of […]

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Donations in support of the research activities of the IIAR are most welcome. The Institute will gratefully acknowledge all donors in the Annual Report of Activities as well as on a special board in the entrance hall of the IIAR building in Kapandriti. The Institute would welcome the donation of instruments and equipment (new or […]

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The IIAR gratefully acknowledges the following scientists who through their donations of laboratory equipment, books, journals and chemicals have initiated an international campaign since 1997, which is now actively continuing for the support of research at the IIAR: G. Th. DIAMANDOPOULOS, Boston,MA, USA H.E. KAISER, Baltimore, MD, USA L. KAISER, Baltimore, MD, USA B. TRIBUKAIT, […]

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The IIAR is affiliated with : The Department of Pharmacology, University of Trieste, Trieste, Italy (New affiliations will be announced in 2020) Dr J.G. Delinasios is an Affiliate Member of the Institute for Cancer Research, University of North Texas Health Science Center at Forth Worth, TX, USA.

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Direction and Funding

The Direction of I.I.A.R. The Board of Acting Directors (4-5 Members) will consist of the Laboratory Directors for the time they work at the Institute (2 months to 2 years ). Scientific Advisory Board. The Members are scientists active in the fields of cancer research and  serve as advisors, referees of projects and papers, meeting […]

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The library

The IIAR maintains a library and documentation service since 1995, which is open to researchers. Books: The Library includes more than 7100 recent volumes on all cancer fields. Journals: Cancer journals are obtained on a subscription, complimentary or exchange basis.  

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The Institute includes 12 Laboratories, 2 lecture halls, library, exhibition hall and offices in three floors total 1300 m2, located in 20000 m2 of land, 35km north of Athens. The Institute can provide hospitality to conferences of up to 200 participants. The two lecture halls are well equipped with video, TV, slide, overhead and data […]

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