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The aim of the International Institute of Anticancer Research (IIAR) is to provide an independent platform for International cooperation in the fight against cancer. The I.I.A.R. will advance, protect and support throughout the world the ideals of freedom, peace, health, scientific knowledge, equality, welfare and mutual respect among communities in science and life.

The activities of the I.I.A.R. cover :

  • Advanced research projects with the participation of scientists from many countries;
  • Coordination of research among different cancer centers, involved in experimental and clinical research, towards the standardization of techniques within the aim of improving the management of cancer patients;
  • Support of independent as well as cooperative-collective efforts towards the development of new diagnostic procedures, prognostic means and therapeutic treatments against cancer;
  • Establishment of tissue, serum and cell culture banks;
  • International meetings, study groups, courses and workshops;
  • Rapid publication of the proceeding of meetings and results of research;
  • Publication of the three international journals, ANTICANCER RESEARCH, IN VIVO and CANCER GENOMICS & PROTEOMICS designed to publish rapidly reviews, original results of research and abstracts and procceding of meetings;
  • The organization of the International Conferences of Anticancer Research every 2 to 3 years in Europe.

Cooperation with Universities, Research Centers, Health Product Companies and Public and Private Organizations for the advancement of anticancer research worldwide is an integral part of the policy of I.I.A.R.

NOTE: The emblem of the IIAR is a votive relief of 400 B.C. found in the Health Temple of Amphiaraos located 10 km north of IIAR. It represents a Greek physician and hero treating a patient, a nurse and a patient lying in bed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may submit your article only through our online submission system