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Letter from the Director

Dear Colleague:

Welcome to the IIAR website.

2022 has been a truly challenging year for everyone in the world.

We would like to thank all our authors, our contributors and all our editorial board members for continuing to strive during this unprecedented time in medical and global history. Let us all unite and shun fear and idleness by giving our inspiration and hard work the chance to lead the way out of despair and into a new decade of hope, concrete solutions and biomedical advancement.

Since the establishment of Anticancer Research (1981), In Vivo (1987), the IIAR (1995) and Cancer Genomics & Proteomics (2004), a wide array of scientists around the world have contributed their best work and have joined our efforts in the fight against cancer.

50 years of biomedical and biomolecular research have reiterated cancer’s unbreakable association with the life process, thus reinstating the severe complexity of the cancer problem. Hardly any progress in the field of cancer research would be possible unless scientists relied on the work of their predecessors or the work of contemporary scientists in other parts of the world attempting to answer the very same questions as in one’s own lab.

Our greatest goal here at the IIAR is to facilitate and instigate greater successes in international cooperation. Scientists around the globe are now able to readily access valuable, up-to-date research results in every field of cancer research.

ANTICANCER RESEARCH, IN VIVO, CGP, and our new journal CANCER DIAGNOSIS and PROGNOSIS gain in popularity each year. Your enthusiastic participation in the conferences organized by ANTICANCER RESEARCH since 1985 and the IIAR since 1995 inspire us to continue our efforts each day.

We encourage direct dialogue with all our Editors and contributors worldwide and we know that it is your hard work, inspiration and dedication that presents us with endless possibilities year after year!

We welcome your collaboration in the IIAR’s activities that allow us to support exciting multi-institution based research programs and to continue improving our services!

With warm wishes,

Dr. George J. Delinasios
Managing Editor & Executive Publisher

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may submit your article only through our online submission system