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Letter from the Director

Dear Colleague:

Welcome to the website of the IIAR.

Since the establishment of Anticancer Research (1981), In Vivo (1987), the IIAR (1995) and Cancer Genomics & Proteomics (CGP)(2004), a multiplicity of scientists all over the world have contributed their best work and have joined our efforts in the fight against cancer.

The last 50 years of research in biomedical and biomolecular laboratory techniques have proved cancer’s unbreakable association with the life process, thus reinstating the severe complexity of the cancer problem. Hardly any progress in the field of cancer research would be possible unless scientists relied on the work of their predecessors or the work of contemporary scientists all around the world.

Our aim at the IIAR is to facilitate and enhance international cooperation and thus enable scientists all over the globe to readily access valuable, up-to-date research results in every field of cancer research. We are proud to announce that more than six thousand researchers along with the Editors of Anticancer Research, In Vivo and CGP as well as the Scientific Advisory Board of the IIAR have joined our efforts in pursuing IIAR’s goal of substantial and effective international cooperation in the fight against cancer.

The increasing popularity of the journals ANTICANCER RESEARCH, IN VIVO and CGP as well as your enthusiastic participation in the conferences organized by ANTICANCER RESEARCH since 1985 and the IIAR since 1995 prompt and motivate us to continue our efforts.

Furthermore, we are challenged to discover new ways of rapid communication which allow more efficient collaborations to take place.

Your participation, advice and contribution to the array of the IIAR’s activities will allow us to support exciting cooperation research programs and to continue improving our services

With warm wishes,             

John G. Delinasios             
Director of IIAR (1995-2016)             

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may submit your article only through our online submission system