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Subscription Rates 2024

2024 Subscription rates are effective from January 1st to December 31, 2024

Institutional Subscription online (all countries) US$ 1,990.00
Institutional Subscription online and print (all countries) US$ 2,390.00
Personal Subscription online (all countries) US$ 960.00
Personal Subscription online and print (all countries) US$ 1,380.00
Single issue (online only) US$ 170.00

e-mail for subscribing:

Online subscriptions include:

  • Access to PDF full-text articles of vol. 24 -28 (Jan. 2004- Dec. 2008)
  • PDF and HTML full text of vol. 29 – 43 (2009 – 2023).
  • Access to PDF and HTML full text of vol. 44 (2024).
  • Please visit for further details.

Included in the above subscription prices:

  • Rapid delivery
  • Insurance
  • Annual Author – Subject Index and Special Issues

Printed volumes [1(1981)-43(2023] are available at 50% discount. Prices include rapid delivery, insurance and the annual author subject index and all special issues. Orders can be placed at agencies, bookstores, or directly with the Publisher.

Important notes:

  • All subscribers’ addresses must include: Name of person responsible for deliveries; Complete address with street name and number – NOT P.O. Box; Telephone and fax numbers.
  • Lost copies are replaced immediately, provided our office is notified not later than 12 months after the scheduled month of delivery.
  • Cancellations with 90% refund accepted within 6 months from order. Issues received must be returned to our office undamaged.
  • All subscription orders should be addressed to
  • Please send details of each subscription along with payment proof to e-mail:
  • Requests concerning subscriptions, acknowledgement of address changes etc. should be addressed to the Editorial Office.

Free specimen copies of Anticancer Research are available upon request.

Anticancer Research is online from January 2009 issue through HighWire Press with access to Full-text articles. From all previous volumes since January 1st, 2004, articles are available as PDF. Articles published before 2004 (Volumes 1/1981 – 23/2003) are available through the Editorial Office.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may submit your article only through our online submission system