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Special Issues of Anticancer Research

Special Issues of Anticancer Research.
Publication of Conference Proceedings and Abstracts.

Editorial Policy

  1. A special issue may be edited by one or more scientists (Guest Editors). The subject of a special issue should be within the scopes of the journal and should be selected from fields in which important advances have been made in the last 2-3 years.
  2. Proposals for a special issue should be sent to the Managing Editor. The proceedings of a conference may be published in the form of a special issue.
  3. Eminent authors should be invited to submit original or review articles.
  4. All papers of the issue should be prepared and submitted according to the instructions of the journal. It would be convenient if all papers could first be examined by the Guest Editors or the conference scientific committee and then, if accepted, sent all together to our office.
  5. The Journal reserves the right to examine all articles and abstracts, correct style and language if necessary, and reject those of poor quality.
  6. The number of printed pages of a special issue cannot be lower than 140 or higher than 620 pages.
  7. The copyright of the special issue belongs to the journal.
  8. The special issue, as part of an annual volume, will circulate to all subscribers of the journal (print and online) and will be indexed in international indexing and abstracting services.
  9. Normally a special issue can be produced within 2-3 months from the submission of all papers.
  10. A special issue may also contain the total number of abstracts of a conference.
  11. The cost of a special issue on a specific topic or conference proceedings:
    • Excess page charges: According to the policy of the journal, articles exceeding 4 printed pages (approximately 16 manuscript pages including text, figures and tables) will be subject to page charges US$ 230.00 per excess page.
    • The cost of publishing color figures will be US$ 350.00 per page.
  12. Conference Abstracts may be published on time for distribution during the conference provided the complete material is submitted 2-3 months prior to the conference. The Journal reserves the right to review all abstracts, correct style and language if necessary and reject abstracts of poor quality. The cost of publishing Conference Abstracts online/open-access and print will be US$95.00 per printed page and US$200.00 per color page. Print issues of the Conference Abstracts (minimum number of copies 100, for distribution during the conference) may be ordered at an additional charge per issue according to the following table.
Number of pages per issue Cost per issue *
80-120 US$ 20.00
121-200 US$ 25.00
201-300 US$ 30.00

*including delivery

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may submit your article only through our online submission system