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Reviews 2005-2019

Cysts and Pseudocysts of the Oral Cavity: Revision of the Literature and a New Proposed Classification. D. MENDITTI, L. LAINO, M. DI DOMENICO, G. TROIANO, M. GUGLIELMOTTI, S. SAVA, A. MEZZOGIORNO, A. BALDI (Naples, Italy). In Vivo 32:999-1007, 2018.
From Mouse Models to Human Disease: An Approach for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. A.R. ALRAFIAH (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia). In Vivo 32:983-998, 2018.
Vitamin D in Cardiovascular Disease. A. NITSA, M. TOUTOUZA, N. MACHAIRAS, A. MARIOLIS, A. PHILIPPOU, M. KOUTSILIERIS (Athens; Areopolis, Greece). In Vivo 32:977-981, 2018.
Considerations Regarding Embryo Culture Conditions: From Media to Epigenetics. M. SIMOPOULOU, K. SFAKIANOUDIS, A. RAPANI, P. GIANNELOU, G. ANIFANDIS, S. BOLARIS, A. PANTOU, M. LAMBROPOULOU, A. PAPPAS, E. DELIGEOROGLOU, K. PANTOS, M. KOUTSILIERIS (Athens; Larissa; Alexandroupolis, Greece). In Vivo 32:451-460, 2018.
Non Lipomatous Benign Lesions Mimicking Soft-tissue Sarcomas: A Pictorial Essay. A. CORAN, G. ORSATTI, F. CRIMÌ, M. RASTRELLI, A. DI MAGGIO, A. PONZONI, S. ATTAR, R. STRAMARE (Padua, Italy). In Vivo 32:221-229, 2018.
In Vivo Analysis of Prostaglandins-induced Ocular Surface and Periocular Adnexa Modifications in Patients with Glaucoma. S. DI STASO, L. AGNIFILI, S. CECANNECCHIA, A. DI GREGORIO, M. CIANCAGLINI (L’Aquila; Chieti, Italy). In Vivo 32:211-220, 2018.
Cell-cycle Checkpoints and Aneuploidy on the Path to Cancer. E.S. WENZEL, A.T.K. SINGH (Kenosha, WI, USA). In Vivo 32:1-5, 2018.
Tailoring the ‘Perfect Fit’ for Renal Transplant Recipients with End-stage Polycystic Kidney Disease: Indications and Timing of Native Nephrectomy. C. ARGYROU, D. MORIS, S. VERNADAKIS (Athens, Greece; Columbus, OH, USA). In Vivo 31:307-312, 2017.
The Effectiveness of Febrile Neutropenia Prophylaxis with Lipegfilgrastim in Routine Clinical Practice. L. HOLUBEC, J. POLIVKA, L. LISNEROVA, T. KUBIKOVA, M. SAFANDA (Pilsen; Prague, Czech Republic). In Vivo 31:303-306, 2017.
Laparoscopic Splenectomy for Benign Hematological Disorders in Adults: A Systematic Review. D. MORIS, N. DIMITRIOU, J. GRINIATSOS (Columbus, OH, USA; Athens, Greece). In Vivo 31:291-302, 2017.
Factors Associated with Microalbuminuria Remission in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: Importance of Early Intervention for Microalbuminuric Patients (TSUGARU STUDY). N. NAKAMURA, I. NARITA, T. FUJITA, R. MURAKAMI, M. SHIMADA, M. NAKAMURA, H. OSAWA, H. YAMABE, K. OKUMURA (Aomori, Japan). In Vivo 31:285-290, 2017.
The Use of Proteomics in Assisted Reproduction. I. KOSTERIA, A.K. ANAGNOSTOPOULOS, C. KANAKA-GANTENBEIN, G.P. CHROUSOS, G.T. TSANGARIS (Athens, Greece).In Vivo 31: 267-283, 2017.
Clinical Factors Associated with Treatment Outcomes following Whole-brain Irradiation in Patients with Prostate Cancer. L. DZIGGEL, S.E. SCHILD, T. VENINGA, A. BAJROVIC, D. RADES (Lübeck; Hamburg, Germany; Scottsdale, AZ, USA; Tilburg, the Netherlands).In Vivo 31: 35-38, 2017.
Prevalence of EGFR Tyrosine Kinase Domain Mutations in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Cohort Study and Systematic Review. C. PERISANIDIS (Vienna, Austria).In Vivo 31: 23-34 , 2017.
Pathophysiological Mechanisms of Renal Fibrosis: A Review of Animal Models and Therapeutic Strategies. A. NOGUEIRA, M.J. PIRES, P.A. OLIVEIRA (Vila Real; Bragança, Portugal). In Vivo 31: 1-22 , 2017.
The Correction of Aphakia Using Anterior Chamber Intraocular Lens. M.M. MOSCHOS, E. NITODA (Athens, Greece). In Vivo 30: 733-738, 2016.
Plasma Cell Mastitis In Men: A Single-center Experience and Review of the Literature.  A. PALMIERI, V. D’ORAZI, G. MARTINO, F. FRUSONE, D. CROCETTI, M.I. AMABILE, M. MONTI (Rome, Italy). In Vivo 30: 727-732, 2016.
Natural Compounds and Neuroprotection: Mechanisms of Action and Novel Delivery Systems. E. BAGLI, A. GOUSSIA, M.M. MOSCHOS, N. AGNANTIS, G. KITSOS (Ioannina; Athens, Greece). In Vivo 30: 535-547, 2016.
Making ICSI Safer and More Effective: A Review of the Human Oocyte and ICSI Practice. M. SIMOPOULOU, P. GIANNELOU, P. BAKAS, L. GKOLES, T. KALAMPOKAS, K. PANTOS, M. KOUTSILIERIS (Athens, Greece). In Vivo 30: 387-400, 2016.
Renal Subcapsular Space of Balb/c Nude Mice as a Route for Evaluating Subpopulations of Human Bladder Carcinoma Cells. D.M. SOUZA, L.H.G. MATHEUS, C.S. SILVA, J.M. FERREIRA, H. DELLÊ (São Paulo, Brazil). In Vivo 30: 383-386, 2016.
Clinical and Molecular Features of Laron Syndrome, A Genetic Disorder Protecting from Cancer.  A. JANECKA, M. KOŁODZIEJ-RZEPA, B. BIESAGA (Cracow, Poland). In Vivo 30: 375-381, 2016.
Propeller Flaps: A Literature Review. A. SISTI, C. D’ANIELLO, L. FORTEZZA, J. TASSINARI, R. CUOMO, L. GRIMALDI, G. NISI (Siena, Italy). In Vivo 30: 351-373, 2016.
A Three-phase Approach for the Early Identification of Acute Lung Injury Induced by Severe Sepsis. T. MIYASHITA, A.K. AHMED, S. NAKANUMA, K. OKAMOTO, S. SAKAI, J. KINOSHITA, I. MAKINO, K. NAKAMURA, H. HAYASHI, K. OYAMA, H. TAJIMA, H. TAKAMURA, I. NINOMIYA, S. FUSHIDA, J.W. HARMON, T. OHTA (Kanazawa, Japan; Baltimore, MD, USA). In Vivo 30: 341-349, 2016.
Prominent Anti-UV Activity and Possible Cosmetic Potential of Lignin-carbohydrate Complex. H. SAKAGAMI, H. SHENG, N. OKUDAIRA, T. YASUI, H. WAKABAYASHI, J. JIA, T. NATORI, M. SUGURO-KITAJIMA, H. OIZUMI, T. OIZUMI (Sakado; Kanagawa, Japan). In Vivo 30: 331-339, 2016.
Postsurgical Hypoparathyroidism: A Systematic Review. K. KAKAVA, S. TOURNIS, G. PAPADAKIS, I. KARELAS, P. STAMPOULOGLOU, E. KASSI, I. TRIANTAFILLOPOULOS, V. VILLIOTOU, T. KARATZAS (Piraeus; Athens, Greece). In Vivo 30: 171-179, 2016.
Comparison of International Guidelines on Mucosal Melanoma of the Head and Neck: A Comprehensive Review of the Role of Radiation Therapy. M. PITTAKA, D. KARDAMAKIS, D. SPYROPOULOU (Patras, Greece). In Vivo 30: 165-170, 2016.
The Role of Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 Signaling Pathways in Uterine Leiomyoma. E. GKIOKA, P. MSAOUEL, A. PHILIPPOU, N.I. VLACHOGIANNIS, C.T. VOGKOU, A. MARGIOLIS, M. KOUTSILIERIS (Athens; Areopolis, Greece; Bronx, NY, USA). In Vivo 29: 637-649, 2015.
The Prolonged QT Interval: Role of Pro-inflammatory Cytokines, Reactive Oxygen Species and the Ceramide and Sphingosine-1 Phosphate Pathways. P.P. SORDILLO, D.C. SORDILLO, L. HELSON (Quakertown, PA, USA). In Vivo 29: 619-636, 2015.
The Spectrum of Infectious Diseases in Kidney Transplantation: A Review of the Classification, Pathogens and Clinical Manifestations. N.-A. ANASTASOPOULOS, A. DUNI, D. PESCHOS, N. AGNANTIS, E. DOUNOUSI (Ioannina, Greece). In Vivo 29: 415-422, 2015.
Vasculogenic Mimicry: Lessons from Melanocytic Tumors. K. SPILIOPOULOS, D. PESCHOS, A. BATISTATOU, I. NTOUNTAS, N. AGNANTIS, G. KITSOS (Ioannina; Athens, Greece). In Vivo 29: 309-317, 2015.
MicroRNAs in Assisted Reproduction and their Potential Role in IVF Failure. C. SIRISTATIDIS, P. VOGIATZI, N. BRACHNIS, A. LIASSIDOU, Z. ILIODROMITI, S. BETTOCCHI, C. CHRELIAS (Athens, Greece; Bari, Italy). In Vivo 29: 169-175, 2015.
Antibiotic Discovery in the Age of Structural Biology – A Comprehensive Overview with Special Reference to Development of Drugs for the Treatment of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Infection. A. KOEHNKE, R.E. FRIEDRICH (Hamburg; Kiel, Germany). In Vivo 29: 161-167, 2015.
Curcumin Suppression of Cytokine Release and Cytokine Storm. A Potential Therapy for Patients with Ebola and Other Severe Viral Infections. P.P. SORDILLO, L. HELSON (Quakertown, PA, USA). In Vivo 29: 1-4, 2015.
Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) as Preoperative Test Before Lung Resection. A. KALLIANOS, A. RAPTI, S. TSIMPOUKIS, A. CHARPIDOU, I. DANNOS, E. KAINIS, K. SYRIGOS (Athens, Greece). In Vivo 28: 1013-1020, 2014.
Melanoma: Epidemiology, Risk Factors, Pathogenesis, Diagnosis and Classification. M. RASTRELLI, S. TROPEA, C.R. ROSSI, M. ALAIBAC (Padova, Italy). In Vivo 28: 1005-1011, 2014.
Cell Adhesion Molecules and In Vitro Fertilization. M. SIMOPOULOU, E. NIKOLOPOULOU, A. DIMAKAKOS, K. CHARALABOPOULOS, M. KOUTSILIERIS (Athens; Alexandroupolis, Greece). In Vivo 28: 683-690, 2014.
The WT1 Gene – Its Role in Tumourigenesis and Prospects for Immunotherapeutic Advances. I. LINDSTEDT, M. A. LINDGREN, E. ANDERSSON, W. ENGSTRÖM (Uppsala, Sweden). In Vivo 28: 675-681, 2014.
Circulating miR-18a: A Sensitive Cancer Screening Biomarker in Human Cancer. S. KOMATSU, D. ICHIKAWA, H. TAKESHITA, R. MORIMURA, S. HIRAJIMA, M. TSUJIURA, T. KAWAGUCHI, M. MIYAMAE, H. NAGATA, H. KONISHI, A. SHIOZAKI, E. OTSUJI (Kyoto, Japan). In Vivo 28: 293-297, 2014.
Post-translational Histone Modifications in Circulating Nucleosomes as New Biomarkers in Colorectal Cancer. U. GEZER, S. HOLDENRIEDER (Istanbul, Turkey; Bonn, Germany). In Vivo 28: 287-292, 2014.
Melanoma m1: Diagnosis and Therapy. M. RASTRELLI, S. TROPEA, J. PIGOZZO, E. BEZZON, L.G. CAMPANA, R. STRAMARE, M. ALAIBAC, C.R. ROSSI (Padova, Italy). In Vivo 28: 273-285, 2014.
Mechanisms by which Thioridazine in Combination with Antibiotics Cures Extensively Drugresistant Infections of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. L. AMARAL, J. MOLNAR (Lisbon, Portugal; Szeged, Hungary). In Vivo 28: 267-271, 2014.
Vitamin D3 Deficiency Results in Dysfunctions of Immunity with Severe Fatigue and Depression in a Variety of Diseases. A.D. HÖCK (Cologne, Germany). In Vivo 28: 133-145, 2014.
Role of Cytokines as a Double-edged Sword in Sepsis. H. CHAUDHRY, J. ZHOU, Y. ZHONG, M.M. ALI, F. MCGUIRE, P.S. NAGARKATTI, M. NAGARKATTI (Columbia, SC, USA; Yantai, Shandong, PR China). In Vivo 27: 669-684, 2013.
Vitamin C: Electron Emission, Free Radicals and Biological Versatility. N. GETOFF (Vienna, Austria). In Vivo 27: 565-570, 2013.
Smoking Cessation Strategies in Patients with Lung Disease. G. TSIAPA, I. GKIOZOS, K. SOULIOTIS, K. SYRIGOS (Athens, Greece). In Vivo 27: 171-176, 2013.
Advances in Non-invasive Prenatal Diagnosis. A.G. VAIOPOULOS, K.C. ATHANASOULA, N. PAPANTONIOU, A. KOLIALEXI (Athens, Greece). In Vivo 27: 165-170, 2013.
Description of the Developmental Patterns of Epithelial Cells and Cancers Originating from Them Will Provide Many Sites for Therapy. K.M. ANDERSON, P. GUINAN, M. RUBENSTEIN (Chicago, IL, USA). In Vivo 27: 159-163, 2013.
Breast Cancer: Mechanisms Involved in Action of Phytoestrogens and Epigenetic Changes. A. DAGDEMIR, J. DURIF, M. NGOLLO, Y.-J. BIGNON, D. BERNARD-GALLON (Clermont-Ferrand, France). In Vivo 27: 1-9, 2013.
Impact of Mediators Present in Amniotic Fluid on Preterm Labour. N. VRACHNIS, S. KARAVOLOS, Z. ILIODROMITI, S. SIFAKIS, C. SIRISTATIDIS, G. MASTORAKOS and G. CREATSAS (Athens; Heraklion, Greece; Gateshead, United Kingdom). In Vivo 26: 799-812, 2012.
Chios Mastic Gum: A Plant-produced Resin Exhibiting Numerous Diverse Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Properties. K.S. DIMAS, P. PANTAZIS and R. RAMANUJAM (Larissa, Greece; Columbus, OH, USA). In Vivo 26: 777-785, 2012.
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