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Reviews 2005-2024

Mast Cell: A Mysterious Character in Skin Cancer. S. ALDA, R.A. CEAUSU, P.N. GAJE, M. RAICA, R.M. COSOROABA (Timişoara, Romania). In Vivo 38:58-68, 2024.
Current Position of Oncofertility in Adolescent Female Cancer Patients: A Comparative Review on Society Guidelines. S.J. PARK, J.Y. HAN, S.W. KIM, H. KIM, S.-Y. KU (Seoul, Republic of Korea). In Vivo 38:48-57, 2024.
>Liver Carcinogenesis Suppression in Chronic Hepatitis B in the Nucleoside Analogues Era. H. NISHIKAWA, S.K. KIM, A. ASAI (Takatsuki; Kobe, Japan). In Vivo 38:40-47, 2024.
>Cryogenic Media in Biomedical Applications: Current Advances, Challenges, and Future Perspectives. K. MOKBEL, A. KODRESKO, H. GHAZAL, R. MOKBEL, J. TREMBLEY, H. JOUHARA (London; Kingston Upon Thames; Surrey, UK; Kaunas, Lithuania). In Vivo 38:1-39, 2024.
>Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors and Infection: What Is the Interplay? M. PAPADAKIS, I. KARNIADAKIS, N. MAZONAKIS, K. AKINOSOGLOU, C. TSIOUTIS, N. SPERNOVASILIS (Piraeus; Athens; Patras, Greece; Cardiff, UK; Nicosia; Limassol, Cyprus). In Vivo 37:2409-2420, 2023.
>Synchronous Insulinoma and Glucagonoma: A Review of the Literature. C. DAMASKOS, D. DIMITROULIS, A. GARMPI, E.A. ANTONIOU, G. KOURAKLIS, I. PSILOPATIS, M. MAVRI, E. DIAMANTIS, G. MARINOS, G. KYRIAKOS, P. FARMAKI, A. PATSOURAS, K. KONTZOGLOU, N. GARMPIS (Athens, Greece; Berlin, Germany; Cartagena, Spain). In Vivo 37:2402-2408, 2023.
>Pectoralis Major Muscle Morbidity After Submuscular Silicone-based Breast Reconstruction: A Systematic Review. A. STAMOULI, S. LANITIS, M. KONTOS (Athens, Greece). In Vivo 37:1931-1939, 2023.
>Pathogenesis of Endometriosis: Focus on Adenogenesis-related Factors. P.G. SIGNORILE, A. BALDI, R. VICECONTE, A. RONCHI, M. MONTELLA (Rome; Caserta; Naples, Italy). In Vivo 37:1922-1930, 2023.
The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening: A Systematic Review. S. ELEMES, P. STACHTEAS, A.-B. HAIDICH, A. MAMOPOULOS, E. SMYRNAKIS (Thessaloniki, Greece). In Vivo 37:1455-1476, 2023.
CRP in Drain Fluid as a Predictive Marker of Anastomotic Leak in Colorectal Surgery: A Systematic Review of the Literature. I. KYROCHRISTOU, E. SPARTALIS, G. ANAGNOSTOPOULOS, G. TSOUROUFLIS, D. DIMITROULIS, N.I. NIKITEAS (Athens, Greece). In Vivo 37:1450-1454, 2023.
An Overview of the Roles of CDK4/6 Inhibitors in Metastatic Breast Cancer Elderly Patients. C. PACILIO, G. ROSATI, A. CRISPO, S. BIMONTE, F. DI RELLA, F. NUZZO, M. DE LAURENTIIS (Naples; Potenza, Italy). In Vivo 37:1445-1449, 2023
Reclassification of Splicing Gene Variants in Hereditary Cancer: Cases Report and Literature Review. D. BOUZARELOU, K. AGIANNITOPOULOS, G.N. TSAOUSIS, E. PAPADOPOULOU, G. NASIOULAS (Athens, Greece). In Vivo 37:1432-1444, 2023.
Overall Survival Following Anastomotic Leakage After Surgery for Carcinoma of the Esophagus and Gastroesophageal Junction: A Systematic Review. M. PACE, A. MINERVINI, M. GOGLIA, M. CINQUEPALMI, G. MOSCHETTA, L. ANTOLINO, F. D’ANGELO, S. VALABREGA, N. PETRUCCIANI, G. BERARDI, P. AURELLO (Rome; Viterbo, Italy). In Vivo 37:1423-1431, 2023.
Awake Breast Surgery: A Systematic Review. G. VANNI, G. COSTANZO, M. PELLICCIARO, M. MATERAZZO, C. BUONOMO, T. FEDERICO, E. GIACOBBI, F. SERVADEI, L. ANEMONA, A. NOCE, M. DAURI, O.C. BUONOMO (Rome, Italy). In Vivo 37:1412-1422, 2023.
Targeting Skeletal Muscle Dysfunction With L-Carnitine for the Treatment of Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. B.X. HOANG, B. HAN, W.H. FANG, A.K. NGUYEN, D.G. SHAW, C. HOANG, H.D. TRAN (Los Angeles; Pomona; South El Monte; Los Gatos, CA, USA; Hanoi, Vietnam). In Vivo 37:1399-1411, 2023.
Is Network Meta-analysis a Revolutionary Statistical Tool for Improving the Reliability of Clinical Trial Results? A Brief Overview and Emerging Issues Arising. G. BEIS, I. PAPASOTIRIOU (Florina, Greece; Zug, Switzerland). In Vivo 37:972-984, 2023.
Stereotactic Arrhythmia Radioablation (STAR): A Multidisciplinary Narrative Minireview of Preclinical Studies. E. GALIETTA, S. STROLIN, S. BISELLO, F. CELLINI, L. LOVATO, G. RAVEGNINI, C. MARTIGNANI, A. SPADOTTO, M. BUWENGE, S. CAMMELLI, L. STRIGARI, A.G. MORGANTI, A. ARCELLI (Bologna; Rome, Italy). In Vivo 37:963-971, 2023.
Non-pharmacological Interventions on Pain and Quality of Life in Chemotherapy Induced Polyneuropathy: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. M. PAPADOPOULOU, M. STAMOU, D. BAKALIDOU, C. MOSCHOVOS, V. ZOUVELOU, P. ZIS, J. TZARTOS, E. CHRONI, I. MICHOPOULOS, G. TSIVGOULIS (Athens; Patras, Greece). In Vivo 37:47-56, 2023.
Molecular Mechanisms Involved in Craniosynostosis. C. YAPIJAKIS, N. PACHIS, Τ. SOTIRIADOU, C. VAILA, V. MICHOPOULOU, S. VASSILIOU (Athens, Greece). In Vivo 37:36-46, 2023.
Usefulness of Nutrition and Inflammation Assessment Tools in Esophageal Cancer Treatment. T. AOYAMA, K. KAZAMA, Y. MAEZAWA, K. HARA (Yokohama; Kanagawa; Tokyo, Japan). In Vivo 37:22-35, 2023.
Minimally Invasive Cytopathology and Accurate Diagnosis: Technical Procedures and Ancillary Techniques. C. HUANG, X. LUO, S. WANG, Y. WAN, J. WANG, X. TANG, C. SCHATZ, H. ZHANG, J. HAYBAECK, Z. YANG (Luzhou, PR China; Innsbruck; Graz, Austria). In Vivo 37:11-21, 2023.
An Overview of Epigenetics in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma. S. GRAMMATIKAKI, H. KATIFELIS, A.A. FAROOQI, K. STRAVODIMOS, M.V. KARAMOUZIS, K. SOULIOTIS, D. VARVARAS, M. GAZOULI (Athens; Corinth, Greece; Islamabad, Pakistan; Rome, Italy). In Vivo 37:1-10, 2023.
Methodological Review: Summary of Findings for Acupuncture as Treatment for Cancer Therapy-induced Xerostomia. J. HUBNER, J. DORFLER, M. FREUDING, C. ZAISER, J. BUNTZEL, C. KEINKI, L. KÄSMANN (Jena; Nordhausen; Munich, Germany). In Vivo 36:2579-2597, 2022.
Considering “Trifecta” as a Single Outcome when Comparing Robotic With Open Partial Nephrectomy: A Mathematical Model of Volume Conservation and Systematic Review. S. ARTSITAS, D. ARTSITAS, I. SEGKOU, G. TSOUROUFLIS, D. DIMITROULIS, N. NIKITEAS (Athens, Greece). In Vivo 36:2558-2578, 2022.
Thromboinflammation in Sepsis and Heparin: A Review of Literature and Pathophysiology. D. VAGIONAS, D.-D. PAPADAKIS, M. POLITOU, A. KOUTSOUKOU, I. VASILEIADIS (Athens, Greece). In Vivo 36:2542-2557, 2022.
Human Papillomavirus Modulates Matrix Metalloproteinases During Carcinogenesis: Clinical Significance and Role of Viral Oncoproteins. F. MENDONÇA, A.M. TELES, M.D.D.S.B. NASCIMENTO, A.P. A. DOS SANTOS, F.F. LOPES, A. PAIVA, H.O. BRITO, R.G. DA COSTA (São Luís, Brazil; Porto; Quinta de Prados, Portugal). In Vivo 36:2531-2541, 2022.
Gastric Cancer Invading the Pancreas: A Review of the Role of Pancreatectomy. D. SYMEONIDIS, D. ZACHAROULIS, L. KISSA, A.A. SAMARA, E. BOMPOU, K. TEPETES (Larissa, Greece). In Vivo 36:2014-2019, 2022.
Research Progress on the Microregulatory Mechanisms of Fertilization: A Review. Z. HE, M. XIE, Q.Q. LI, J. DUAN, X. LU (Beiliu; Guilin, PR China; Durham, NC, USA). In Vivo 36:2002-2013, 2022.
Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 4/6 Inhibitors: A Potential Breakthrough Therapy for Malignancies of Gastrointestinal Tract. F. ZENG, Y. ZHOU, T. KHOWTANAPANICH, C. SAENGBOONMEE (Chengdu, PR China; Khon Kaen, Thailand). In Vivo 36:1580-1590, 2022
To Fight or to Flee? A Systematic Review of Ectopic Pregnancy Management and Complications During the Covid-19 Pandemic. A. MORIN, M. SIDERIS, S. PLATTS, T. PALAMARCHUK, F. ODEJINMI (London, UΚ). In Vivo 36:1570-1579, 2022.
Circulating MicroRNAs and Clinicopathological Findings of Papillary Thyroid Cancer: A Systematic Review. G. GEROPOULOS, K. PSARRAS, M. PAPAIOANNOU, D. GIANNIS, M. MEITANIDOU, K. KAPRINIOTIS, N. SYMEONIDIS, E.T. PAVLIDIS, T.E. PAVLIDIS, K. SAPALIDIS, N.M. AHMED, T.E. ABDEL-AZIZ, M.M.R. EDDAMA (London, UK; Thessaloniki, Greece; Manhasset, NY, USA; Alexandria, Egypt). In Vivo 36:1551-1569, 2022.
Endoscopic Stenting and Palliative Chemotherapy in Advanced Colorectal Cancer: Friends or Foes? An Analysis of the Current Literature. G. BURRELLI SCOTTI, P. SAPIENZA, P. LAPOLLA, D. CROCETTI, M. TARALLO, G. BRACHINI, A. MINGOLI, E. FIORI (Rome, Italy). In Vivo 36:1053-1058, 2022.
Gastric Cancer Invading the Pancreas: A Review of the Role of Pancreatectomy. D. SYMEONIDIS, D. ZACHAROULIS, L. KISSA, A.A. SAMARA, E. BOMPOU, K. TEPETES (Larissa, Greece). In Vivo 36:2014-2019, 2022.
Research Progress on the Microregulatory Mechanisms of Fertilization: A Review. Z. HE, M. XIE, Q.Q. LI, J. DUAN, X. LU (Beiliu; Guilin, PR China; Durham, NC, USA). In Vivo 36:2002-2013, 2022.
Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 4/6 Inhibitors: A Potential Breakthrough Therapy for Malignancies of Gastrointestinal Tract. F. ZENG, Y. ZHOU, T. KHOWTANAPANICH, C. SAENGBOONMEE (Chengdu, PR China; Khon Kaen, Thailand). In Vivo 36:1580-1590, 2022.
To Fight or to Flee? A Systematic Review of Ectopic Pregnancy Management and Complications During the Covid-19 Pandemic. A. MORIN, M. SIDERIS, S. PLATTS, T. PALAMARCHUK, F. ODEJINMI (London, UΚ). In Vivo 36:1570-1579, 2022.
Circulating MicroRNAs and Clinicopathological Findings of Papillary Thyroid Cancer: A Systematic Review. G. GEROPOULOS, K. PSARRAS, M. PAPAIOANNOU, D. GIANNIS, M. MEITANIDOU, K. KAPRINIOTIS, N. SYMEONIDIS, E.T. PAVLIDIS, T.E. PAVLIDIS, K. SAPALIDIS, N.M. AHMED, T.E. ABDEL-AZIZ, M.M.R. EDDAMA (London, UK; Thessaloniki, Greece; Manhasset, NY, USA; Alexandria, Egypt). In Vivo 36:1551-1569, 2022.
Endoscopic Stenting and Palliative Chemotherapy in Advanced Colorectal Cancer: Friends or Foes? An Analysis of the Current Literature. G. BURRELLI SCOTTI, P. SAPIENZA, P. LAPOLLA, D. CROCETTI, M. TARALLO, G. BRACHINI, A. MINGOLI, E. FIORI (Rome, Italy). In Vivo 36:1053-1058, 2022.
Soy Isoflavones and Breast Cancer Risk: A Meta-analysis. I. BOUTAS, A. KONTOGEORGI, C. DIMITRAKAKIS, S.N. KALANTARIDOU (Athens, Greece). In Vivo 36:556-562, 2022.
Targeting the Endocannabinoid System: From the Need for New Therapies to the Development of a Promising Strategy. What About Pancreatic Cancer? N. GARMPIS, C. DAMASKOS, D. DIMITROULIS, A. GARMPI, E. DIAMANTIS, P. SARANTIS, V.E. GEORGAKOPOULOU, A. PATSOURAS, D. PREVEZANOS, A. SYLLAIOS, G. KYRIAKOS, E. KOUSTAS, M. DESPOTIDIS, C. VALLILAS, P. PAPALEXIS, E.A. ANTONIOU, K. KONTZOGLOU (Athens, Greece; Cartagena, Spain). In Vivo 36:543-555, 2022.
Prophylactic Radiotherapy of Hip Heterotopic Ossification: A Narrative Mini Review. E. GALIETTA, L. GAIANI, C. GIANNINI, A. SAMBRI, M. BUWENGE, G. MACCHIA, F. DEODATO, S. CILLA, L. STRIGARI, M. FIORE, S. CAMMELLI, M. DE PAOLIS, A.G. MORGANTI (Bologna; Imola; Campobasso, Italy). In Vivo 36:533-542, 2022.
Ocular Side Effects of Aromatase Inhibitor Endocrine Therapy in Breast Cancer – A Review. D. SERBAN, D.O. COSTEA, A. ZGURA, M.S. TUDOSIE, A.M. DASCALU, G.A. GANGURA, C.G. SMARANDACHE, A.D. SABAU, C. TUDOR, M. FAUR, A.C. COSTEA, D. STANA, S.A. BALASESCU, L.C. TRIBUS, C. TANASESCU (Bucharest; Constanta; Sibiu, Romania). In Vivo 36:40-48, 2022.
Revision of Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass for Inadequate Weight Loss or Weight Regain. A. ALEXANDROU, P. SAKARELLOS, S. DAVAKIS, M. VAILAS, N. DIMITRIOU, A. PAPALAMPROS, D. SCHIZAS, A. CHARALABOPOULOS, E. FELEKOURAS (Athens, Greece). In Vivo 36:30-39, 2022.
The Impact of ACE and ACE2 Gene Polymorphisms in Pulmonary Diseases Including COVID-19. I. GINTONI, M. ADAMOPOULOU, C. YAPIJAKIS (Athens, Greece). In Vivo 36:13-29, 2022.
Complications of Trans-oral Endoscopic Thyroidectomy Vestibular Approach: A Systematic Review. E. AKRITIDOU, G. DOURIDAS, E. SPARTALIS, G. TSOUROUFLIS, D. DIMITROULIS, N.I. NIKITEAS (Athens, Greece). In Vivo 36:1-12, 2022.
Adamantinoma: An Updated Review. D.N. VARVAROUSIS, G.P. SKANDALAKIS, A. BARBOUTI, G. PAPATHANAKOS, P. FILLIS, K. TEPELENIS, A. KITSOULI, P. KANAVAROS, P. KITSOULIS (Ioannina, Greece; New York City, NY, USA). In Vivo 35:3045-3052, 2021.
Drug Repositioning With an Anticancer Effect: Contributions to Reduced Cancer Incidence in Susceptible Individuals. S. YOON, H.S. KIM (Suwon, Republic of Korea). In Vivo 35:3039-3044, 2021.
Lipomatous Meningioma: Clinical-Pathological Findings, Imaging Characterisation and Correlations of a Rare Type of Meningioma. P. LAPOLLA, P. FAMILIARI, G. ZANCANA, P. BRUZZANITI, R. CHEN, X. LI, G. FAMILIARI, A. SANTORO (Rome, Italy; Nanjing, PR China). In Vivo 35:3031-3037, 2021.
Peripheral Nerve Blocks for Postdural Puncture Headache: A New Solution for an Old Problem? L.G. GIACCARI, C. AURILIO, F. COPPOLINO, M.C. PACE, M.B. PASSAVANTI, V. POTA, P. SANSONE (Naples, Italy). In Vivo 35:3019-3029, 2021.
Heat Development During Medical Drilling: Influencing Factors and Examination Methods – Overview and First Results. O. JUNG, C. LINDNER, S. PANTERMEHL, M. BARBECK (Rostock; Berlin, Germany). In Vivo 35:3011-3017, 2021.
Screening Tools for Sarcopenia. H. NISHIKAWA, A. ASAI, S. FUKUNISHI, T. TAKEUCHI, M. GOTO, T. OGURA, S. NAKAMURA, K. KAKIMOTO, T. MIYAZAKI, S. NISHIGUCHI, K. HIGUCHI (Takatsuki; Osaka, Japan). In Vivo 35:3001-3009, 2021.
Adaptive Membrane Fluidity Modulation: A Feedback Regulated Homeostatic System Hiding in Plain Sight. E. IZBICKA, R.T. STREEPER (San Antonio, TX, USA). In Vivo 35:2991-3000, 2021.
Comparison of High-flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC) and Conventional Oxygen Therapy in Obese Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Y. WANG, J. ZHU, X. WANG, N. LIU, Q. YANG, G. LUAN, X. MA, J. LIU (Yantai; Weihai, PR China). In Vivo 35:2521-2529, 2021.
Effects of the Hypnotic Alkylphenol Derivative Propofol on Breast Cancer Progression. A Focus on Preclinical and Clinical Studies. S. BIMONTE, M. CASCELLA, C.A. FORTE, G. ESPOSITO, F. DEL PRATO, N. RAIANO, P. DEL PRETE, A. CUOMO (Naples, Italy). In Vivo 35:2513-2519, 2021.
Diabetes Mellitus Causes Male Reproductive Dysfunction: A Review of the Evidence and Mechanisms. Z. HE, G. YIN, Q.Q. LI, Q. ZENG, J. DUAN (Guilin, PR China; Durham, NC, USA). In Vivo 35:2503-2511, 2021.
Robotic Total Pancreatectomy: A Narrative Review. K. TAKAGI, B.G. KOERKAMP (Okayama, Japan; Rotterdam, the Netherlands). In Vivo 35:1907-1911, 2021
Botulinum Toxin in the Surgical Treatment of Complex Abdominal Hernias: A Surgical Anatomy Approach, Current Evidence and Outcomes. F. SERETIS, D. CHRYSIKOS, A. SAMOLIS, T. TROUPIS (Athens, Greece). In Vivo 35:1913-1920, 2021.
Expression of Retroelements in Mammalian Gametes and Embryos. E. MASTORA, A. CHRISTODOULAKI, K. PAPAGEORGIOU, A. ZIKOPOULOS, I. GEORGIOU (Ioannina, Greece). In Vivo 35:1921-1927, 2021.
Osteoid Osteoma: An Updated Review of Epidemiology, Pathogenesis, Clinical Presentation, Radiological Features, and Treatment Option. K. TEPELENIS, G.P. SKANDALAKIS, G. PAPATHANAKOS, M.A. KEFALA, A. KITSOULI, A. BARBOUTI, N. TEPELENIS, D. VARVAROUSIS, K. VLACHOS, P. KANAVAROS, P. KITSOULIS (Ioannina; Athens, Greece; New York City, NY, USA). In Vivo 35:1929-1938, 2021
Headache Reporting in Oncology Trials Depends on the Demographics of the Study Population. B.J. WOLFF, M.J. WOLFF, J.E. WOLFF (Chicago; Wauconda, IL; Bellevue, WA, USA). In Vivo 35:1939-1943, 2021.
Solitary Fibrous Tumor of the Seminal Vesicle: A Systematic Literature Review and Case Presentation. D. CROCETTI, P. SAPIENZA, A. LAMAZZA, F. DE FELICE, G. BRACHINI, E. DESIATO, A. MINGOLI, E. FIORI, A. DE CESARE (Rome, Italy). In Vivo 35:1945-1950, 2021.
Paraneoplastic Intrahepatic Cholestasis in Supradiaphragmatic Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma Successfully Treated With Brentuximab Vedotin: A Case Report and Review of the Literature. I. PAPAKONSTANTINOU, M. KOSMIDOU, K. PAPATHANASIOU, E. KOUMPIS, E. KAPSALI, H. MILIONIS, T.P. VASSILAKOPOULOS, A. PAPOUDOU-BAI, E. HATZIMICHAEL (Ioannina; Athens, Greece). In Vivo 35:1951-1957, 2021.
On the Origin of SARS-CoV-2: Did Cell Culture Experiments Lead to Increased Virulence of the Progenitor Virus for Humans? B. KAINA (Mainz, Germany). In Vivo 35:1313-1326, 2021.
Adhesion Molecules in Non-melanoma Skin Cancers: A Comprehensive Review. J. POGORZELSKA-DYRBUS, J.C. SZEPIETOWSKI (Tychy; Wroclaw, Poland). In Vivo 35:1327-1336, 2021.
Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery – A Systematic Review of the Current Literature. P. BLUM, D. PUTZER, M.C. LIEBENSTEINER, D. DAMMERER (Innsbruck, Austria). In Vivo 35:1337-1343, 2021.
Newly-identified Pathways Relating Vitamin D to Carcinogenesis: A Review. N. BILANI, L. ELSON, C. SZUCHAN, E. ELIMIMIAN, M. SALEH, Z. NAHLEH (Weston, FL, USA; Fanar, Lebanon). In Vivo 35:1345-1354, 2021
Structure and Pathologies of Articular Cartilage. B. ŻYLIŃSKA, A. SOBCZYŃSKA-RAK, U. LISIECKA, E. STODOLAK-ZYCH, Ł. JAROSZ, T. SZPONDER (Lublin; Cracow, Poland). In Vivo 35:1355-1363, 2021.
Radiotherapy and Renal Cell Carcinoma: A Continuing Saga. D. SPYROPOULOU, P. TSIGANOS, F.-I. DIMITRAKOPOULOS, M. TOLIA, A. KOUTRAS, D. VELISSARIS, M. LAGADINOU, N. PAPATHANASIOU, A. GKANTAIFI, H. KALOFONOS, D. KARDAMAKIS (Patras; Heraklion; Thessaloniki, Greece). In Vivo 35:1365-1377, 2021.
A Ten-year-long Update on Radiation Proctitis Among Prostate Cancer Patients Treated With Curative External Beam Radiotherapy. G. FERINI, S. PERGOLIZZI (Catania; Messina, Italy). In Vivo 35:1379-1391, 2021.
A Potential Pathogenic Link Between Cancer of Female Reproductive System and Infertile Women Treated With Assisted Reproduction Techniques. M. DIAKOSAVVAS, Z. FASOULAKIS, T. NTOUNIS, A. KOUTRAS, K. ANGELOU, G. TSATSARIS, A. SYLLAIOS, N. GARMPIS, E.N. KONTOMANOLIS (Athens; Komotini, Greece). In Vivo 35:1393-1399, 2021.
Physiology and Pathology of Contractility of the Myometrium. A. KOUTRAS, Z. FASOULAKIS, A. SYLLAIOS, N. GARMPIS, M. DIAKOSAVVAS, A. PAGKALOS, T. NTOUNIS, E.N. KONTOMANOLIS (Athens; Xanthi; Alexandroupolis, Greece). In Vivo 35:1401-1408, 2021.
Coronavirus Disease 2019 and Nasal Conditions: A Review of Current Evidence. I. SUZAKI, H. KOBAYASHI (Tokyo, Japan). In Vivo 35:1409-1417, 2021.
Therapeutic Effect of EPA/DHA Supplementation in Neoplastic and Non-neoplastic Companion Animal Diseases: A Systematic Review. T.R. MAGALHÃES, A.L. LOURENÇO, H. GREGÓRIO, F.L. QUEIROGA (Vila Real; Porto, Portugal). In Vivo 35:1419-1436, 2021.
Clinical Impact of a Perioperative Exercise Program for Sarcopenia and Overweight/Obesity Gastric Cancer. T. AOYAMA, M. NAKAZONO, S. NAGASAWA, K. SEGAMI (Yokohama, Japan). In Vivo 35:707-712, 2021.
Regenerative Therapy Using Umbilical Cord Serum. N. MAHARAJAN, G.-W. CHO, J.H. CHOI, C.H. JANG (Gwangju, Republic of Korea). In Vivo 35:699-705, 2021.
Monomeric C-Reactive Protein – A Feature of Inflammatory Disease Associated With Cardiovascular Pathophysiological Complications? Y. ZEINOLABEDINY, S. KUMAR, M. SLEVIN (Manchester, UK). In Vivo 35:693-697, 2021.
Osteochondromas: An Updated Review of Epidemiology, Pathogenesis, Clinical Presentation, Radiological Features and Treatment Options. K. TEPELENIS, G. PAPATHANAKOS, A. KITSOULI, T. TROUPIS, A. BARBOUTI, K. VLACHOS, P. KANAVAROS, P. KITSOULIS (Ioannina; Athens, Greece). In Vivo 35:681-691, 2021.
Controversies in the Management of Early-stage Serous Endometrial Cancer. A. LARISH, A. MARIANI, C. LANGSTRAAT (Rochester, MN, USA). In Vivo 35:671-680, 2021.
The Angiotensin-converting Enzyme Insertion/Deletion Polymorphism as a Common Risk Factor for Major Pregnancy Complications. I. GINTONI, M. ADAMOPOULOU, C. YAPIJAKIS (Athens, Greece). In Vivo 35:95-103, 2021.
Inflammatory Fibroid Polyp of the Gastrointestinal Tract: A Systematic Review for a Benign Tumor. N. GARMPIS, C. DAMASKOS, A. GARMPI, V.E. GEORGAKOPOULOU, S. SAKELLARIOU, A. LIAKEA, D. SCHIZAS, E. DIAMANTIS, P. FARMAKI, E. VOUTYRITSA, A. SYLLAIOS, A. PATSOURAS, G. SYPSA, A. AGOROGIANNI, A. STELIANIDI, E.A. ANTONIOU, K. KONTZOGLOU, N. TRAKAS, D. DIMITROULIS (Athens; Piraeus, Greece; Cambridge, UK). In Vivo 35:81-93, 2021.
Contemporary Molecular Classification of Urinary Bladder Cancer. D. GOUTAS, A. TZORTZIS, H. GAKIOPOULOU, D. VLACHODIMITROPOULOS, I. GIANNOPOULOU, A.C. LAZARIS (Athens, Greece). In Vivo 35:75-80, 2021.
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