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General Policy

CANCER DIAGNOSIS & PROGNOSIS (CDP) is an international online open-access bimonthly journal designed to bring together original high-quality works and reviews on experimental and clinical research advancing knowledge on the diagnosis and prognosis of all types of human cancer, leukemia, and metastasis. CDP is aiming at improving prompt disease management and quality of life of cancer patients through a precise early diagnosis and prognosis. The topics of CDP include 1. Experimental development of new diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers; 2. Clinical application of new biomarkers; 3. Evaluation of combinations of past and emerging biomarkers; 4. Molecular pathology and proteomics in the discovery of new biomarkers and systemic cancer staging; 5. Genetic, epigenetic, and chromosomal markers; 6. Use of biomarkers in the selection of the proper cancer management; 7. Use of biomarkers in assessing response, restaging, and prognosis after surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and/or immunotherapy; 8. Use of diagnostic procedures including combinations of biomarkers and imaging in the selection and assessment of the proper cancer management; 9. Novel surgery technologies in improving diagnosis and prognosis. Each submitted article should include a concrete conclusion constituting a “new piece of knowledge” backed by scientific evidence.

CDP provides for the prompt online publication of accepted articles within 1-2 months from final acceptance. Manuscripts will be accepted on the understanding that they report original unpublished works that are not under consideration for publication by another journal and that they will not be published again in the same form. All Authors should sign a submission letter confirming the approval of their article contents. All material submitted to CDP will be subject to peer-review, when appropriate, by two referees, and will be urgently treated with absolute confidence. The journal reserves the right to improve manuscripts’ grammar and style.

CDP requires that all manuscripts be prepared in accordance with the “Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly work in Medical Journals” ( as published by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). We also support and adhere to the “Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing” ( (a joint statement by COPE, DOAJ, WAME, and OASPA).

The Editors and Publishers of CDP accept no responsibility for the contents and opinions expressed by the contributors. Authors should warrant due diligence in the creation and issuance of their work.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may submit your article only through our online submission system