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Reviews 2005-2018

Applications of Quantitative Pharmacodynamic Effect Markers in Drug Target Identification and Therapy Development.
R.M. STRAUBINGER, W. KRZYZANSKI, C.M. FRANCOFORTE, J. QU (Amherst, NY, USA). Anticancer Res 27: 1237-1246, 2007.
Proteomic Approaches for Serum Biomarker Discovery in Cancer.
P. MAURYA, P. MELEADY, P. DOWLING, M. CLYNES (Dublin, Ireland). Anticancer Res 27: 1247-1256, 2007.
Extracellular Nucleic Acids and their Potential as Diagnostic, Prognostic and Predictive Biomarkers.
L. O'DRISCOLL (Dublin, Ireland). Anticancer Res 27: 1257-1266, 2007.
The Pharmacology of Cancer Resistance.
R. O'CONNOR (Dublin, Ireland). Anticancer Res 27: 1267-1272, 2007.
Clinical Applications of Expression Profiling and Proteomics in Prostate Cancer.
J.R.W. MASTERS (London, UK). Anticancer Res 27: 1273-1276, 2007.
EGFR and HER-2 Antagonists in Breast Cancer.
N. O’DONOVAN, J. CROWN (Dublin, Ireland). Anticancer Res 27: 1285-1294, 2207.
The Potential Clinical Applications of Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 Ligand in Human Breast Cancer.
Y.M. CHONG, A. SUBRAMANIAN, A.K. SHARMA, K. MOKBEL (London, UK). Anticancer Res 27: 1617-1624, 2007.
Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans: Clinicopathological Aspects of an Unusual Cutaneous Tumor.
D.P. KORKOLIS, I.E. LIAPAKIS, P.P. VASSILOPOULOS (Athens, Greece). Anticancer Res 27: 1631-1634, 2007.
Preclinical and Clinical Effects of Erythropoietin in the Management of Anaemia in Patients with Non-small Cell Lung Cancer.
W. DEMPKE (Bochum, Germany). Anticancer Res 27: 1745- 1758, 2007.
Clinical Value of Bisphosphonates in Cancer Therapy.
D. LÜFTNER, P. HENSCHKE, K. POSSINGER (Berlin, Germany). Anticancer Res 27: 1759-1768, 2007.
Does Homeobox-related "Positional" Genomic Information Contribute to Implantation of Metastatic Cancer Cells at Non-random Sites?
K.M. ANDERSON, M. DARWEESH, A. JAJAH, P. TSUI, P. GUINAN, M. RUBENSTEIN (Chicago, IL , USA). Anticancer Res 27: 2141-2154, 2007.
Human Papillomavirus Infections in Lung Cancer. Detection of E6 and E7 Transcripts and Review of the Literature.
L. GIULIANI, C. FAVALLI, K. SYRJANEN, M. CIOTTI (Rome, Italy; Turku, Finland). Anticancer Res 27: 2697-2704, 2007.
Palliative Chemotherapy for Recurrent and Metastatic Esophageal Cancer.
B. GRÜNBERGER, M. RADERER, M. SCHMIDINGER, M. HEJNA (Vienna, Austria). Anticancer Res 27: 2705-2714, 2007.
Developments in the Treatment of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer.
I. GKIOZOS, A. CHARPIDOU, K. SYRIGOS (Athens, Greece). Anticancer Res 27: 2823-2828, 2007.
Molecular Mechanisms Regulating the Angiogenic Phenotype in Tumors: Clinical Impact in the Future.
K. AUBRY, G. BARRIERE, H. CHABLE-RABINOVITCH, A. DUTOUR, F. PARAF, J. MONTEIL, M. RIGAUD (Limoges, France). Anticancer Res 27: 3111-3120, 2007.
Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs in Cancer Prevention and Therapy.
F. GUADAGNI, P. FERRONI, R. PALMIROTTA, G. DEL MONTE, V. FORMICA, M. ROSELLI (Rome, Italy). Anticancer Res 27: 3147-3162, 2007.
Experimental Models for Therapeutic Studies of Transitional Cell Carcinoma.
U. GABRIEL, C. BOLENZ, M.S. MICHEL (Mannheim, Germany). Anticancer Res 27: 3163-3172, 2007.
Clinical Value of Using Serological Cytokeratins as Therapeutic Markers in Thoracic Malignancies.
S. EKMAN, P. ERIKSSON, S. BERGSTRÖM, P. JOHANSSON, H. GOIKE, J. GULLBO, R. HENRIKSSON, A. LARSSON, M. BERGQVIST (Uppsala; Bromma; Umea, Sweden). Anticancer Res 27: 3545-3554, 2007.
Genetic Association Studies in Digestive System Malignancies.
C. TSIGRIS, A. CHATZITHEOFYLAKTOU, C. XIROMERITIS, N. NIKITEAS, A. YANNOPOULOS (Athens, Greece). Anticancer Res 27: 3577-3588, 2007.
Sonodynamic Therapy of Cancer Using Novel Sonosensitizers.
Cancer-targeting Gene Therapy Using Tropism-modified Adenovirus.
T. TANAKA, MOTOMU KUROKI, H. HAMADA, K. KATO, T. KINUGASA, H. SHIBAGUCHI, J. ZHAO, MASAHIDE KUROKI (Fukuoka; Sapporo, Japan). Anticancer Res 27: 3679-3684, 2007.
Roles of Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein-2 (IGFBP-2) in Glioblastoma.
TSUYOSHI FUKUSHIMA, H. KATAOKA (Miyazaki, Japan). Anticancer Res 27: 3685-3692, 2007.
Development of a Drug Delivery System using a Model that Mimics Chronic Infection of Mycobacterium bovis Calmette-Guιrin in Alveolar Macrophages.
A. YOSHIDA, H. INAGAWA, C. KOHCHI, T. NISHIZAWA, H. HORI, G.-I. SOMA (Tokushima; Chiba; Yamaguchi; Kagawa, Japan). Anticancer Res 27: 3707-3712, 2007.
New Approach to Cancer Therapy: Heparin Binding-Epidermal Growth Factor-like Growth Factor as a Novel Targeting Molecule.
S. MIYAMOTO, H. YAGI, F. YOTSUMOTO, S. HORIUCHI, T. YOSHIZATO, T. KAWARABAYASHI, MASAHIDE KUROKI, E. MEKADA (Fukuoka; Osaka, Japan). Anticancer Res 27: 3713-3722, 2007.
Suppression of Response to Foreign Substances by Intestinal Macrophages.
K. NAKATA, H. INAGAWA, T. NISHIZAWA, C. KOHCHI, G.-I. SOMA (Osaka; Yamaguchi; Tokushima; Chiba; Kagawa, Japan). Anticancer Res 27: 3723-3728, 2007.
Therapeutic Strategies for Targeting the IL-6/STAT3 Cytokine Signaling Pathway in Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
K. MITSUYAMA, S. MATSUMOTO, J. MASUDA, H. YAMASAKI, K. KUWAKI, H. TAKEDATSU, M. SATA (Kurume; Tokyo, Japan). Anticancer Res 27: 3749-3756, 2007.
Gallium-68 PET: A New Frontier in Receptor Cancer Imaging.
A. AL-NAHHAS, Z. WIN, T. SZYSZKO, A. SINGH, C. NANNI, S. FANTI, D. RUBELLO (London; Uxbridge, UK; Bologna; Rovigo, Italy). Anticancer Res 27: 4087-4094, 2007.
Diabetes and Oral Oncogenesis.
Darbepoetin Alpha Coming of Age.
P. PEDRAZZOLI, S. CINIERI, V. LORUSSO, T. GAMUCCI, S. SECONDINO, N. SILVESTRIS (Milan; Lecce; Sora; Bari, Italy). Anticancer Res 27: 4419-4424, 2007.
Aberrant Crypt Foci.
S.J. ALRAWI, M. SCHIFF, R.E. CARROLL, M. DAYTON, J.F. GIBBS, M. KULAVLAT, D. TAN, K. BERMAN, D.L. STOLER, G.R. ANDERSON (Buffalo, NY; Chicago IL, USA). Anticancer Res 26: 107-120, 2006.
Primary Lymphomas of Bone.
P. KITSOULIS, M. VLYCHOU, A. PAPOUDOU-BAI, G. KARATZIAS, A. CHARCHANTI, N.J. AGNANTIS, M. BAI (Ioannina; Larissa, Greece). Anticancer Res 26: 325-338, 2006.
Prospect for Anti-HER2 Receptor Therapy in Breast Cancer.
F.-X. BRAND, N. RAVANEL, A.-S. GAUCHEZ, D. PASQUIER, R. PAYAN, D. FAGRET, M. MOUSSEAU (Grenoble; St. Martin d'Hères France). Anticancer Res 26: 463-470, 2006.
External Beam Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer: Current Position and Trends.
M.I. KOUKOURAKIS, S. TOULOUPIDIS (Alexandroupolis, Greece). Anticancer Res 26: 485-494, 2006.
Sequential Versus Concurrent Chemo-radiotherapy in Inoperable Stage III Non-small Cell Lung Cancer.
S.Y. EL SHAROUNI, H.B. KAL, J.J. BATTERMANN, F.M.N.H. SCHRAMEL (Utrecht; Nieuwegein, The Netherlands). Anticancer Res 26: 495-506, 2006.
Stable Disease in Advanced Colorectal Cancer: Therapeutic Implications.
L.M. PASETTO, M.R. D’ANDREA, A. JIRILLO, E. ROSSI, S. MONFARDINI (Padova; Noale, Italy). Anticancer Res 26: 511-522, 2006.
Surgery for Advanced and Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer – Current State and Perspectives.
O. MANN, T. STRATE, C. SCHNEIDER, E.F. YEKEBAS, J.R. IZBICKI (Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany). Anticancer Res 26: 681-686, 2006.
Prospect for Anti-Her2 Receptor Therapy in Breast Cancer.
F.-X. BRAND, N. RAVANEL, A.-S. GAUCHEZ, D. PASQUIER, R. PAYAN, D. FAGRET, M. MOUSSEAU (Grenoble; St. Martin d'Hères, France). Anticancer Res 26: 715-722, 2006.
Cancer Genetics of Sporadic Colorectal Cancer: BRAF and PI3KCA Mutations, their Impact on Signaling and Novel Targeted Therapies.
E. OIKONOMOU, A. PINTZAS (Athens, Greece). Anticancer Res 26: 1077-1084, 2006.
Molecular Immunological Approaches to Biotherapy of Human Cancers – A Review, Hypothesis and Implications.
Y. BECKER (Jerusalem, Israel). Anticancer Res 26: 1113-1134, 2006.
A Related Donor and Reduced Intensity Conditioning Reduces the Risk of Development of BK Virus-positive Haemorrhagic Cystitis in Allogeneic Haematopoetic Stem Cell- transplanted Patients.
G. BOGDANOVIC, P. PRIFTAKIS, G. GIRAUD, T. DALIANIS (Stockholm, Sweden). Anticancer Res 26: 1311-1318, 2006.
Alkylating Agents and DNA Polymerases.
L.P. BIGNOLD (Adelaide, SA, Australia). Anticancer Res 26: 1327-1336, 2006.
Chemotherapy Treatment Options for Elderly Women with Breast Cancer.
S. KÜMMEL, D. ELLING, S. JESCHKE, P. SCHMID, A. THOMAS (Berlin, Germany). Anticancer Res 26: 1673-1676, 2006.
Options and Limits of Surgery after Pre-operative Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer.
A. THOMAS, R. OHLINGER, M. HAUSCHILD, A. MUSTEA, J.-U. BLOHMER, S. KÜMMEL (Berlin, Germany). Anticancer Res 26: 1677-1682, 2006.
The Orphan Nuclear Receptors, Estrogen Receptor-related Receptors: their Role as New Biomarkers in Gynecological Cancer.
P. SUN, L. WEI, C. DENKERT, W. LICHTENEGGER, J. SEHOULI (Beijing, China; Berlin, Germany). Anticancer Res 26: 1699-1706, 2006.
Postoperative Therapy Modalities for Cervical Carcinoma.
S. KÜMMEL, A. THOMAS, S. JESCHKE, M. HAUSCHILD, J. SEHOULI, W. LICHTENEGGER, J.-U. BLOHMER (Berlin, Germany). Anticancer Res 26: 1707-1714, 2006.
The Role of Capecitabine in the Treatment of Colorectal Cancer in the Elderly.
L.M. PASETTO, S. MONFARDINI (Padova, Italy). Anticancer Res 26: 2381-2386, 2006.
Vitamin D and Cancer.
C.S. SPINA, V. TANGPRICHA, M. USKOKOVIC, L. ADORINIC, H. MAEHR, M.F. HOLICK (Boston, MA; Atlanta, GA; Nutley, NJ, USA). Anticancer Res 26: 2515- 2524, 2006.
Mechanisms of Vitamin D-mediated Growth Inhibition in Prostate Cancer Cells: Inhibition of the Prostaglandin Pathway.
J. MORENO, A.V. KRISHNAN, D.M. PEEHL, D. FELDMAN (Stanford, CA, USA). Anticancer Res 26: 2525-2530, 2006.
Vitamin D Compounds: Activity Against Microbes and Cancer.
A.F. GOMBART, Q.T. LUONG, H. P. KOEFFLER (Los Angeles, CA, USA). Anticancer Res 26: 2531-2542, 2006.
The Antitumor Efficacy of Calcitriol: Preclinical Studies.
C.S. JOHNSON, J.R. MUINDI, P.A. HERSHBERGER, D.L. TRUMP (Buffalo, NY; Pittsburgh, PA, USA). Anticancer Res 26: 2543-2550, 2006.
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