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Reviews 2005-2017

Alkylating Agents and DNA Polymerases.
L.P. BIGNOLD (Adelaide, SA, Australia). Anticancer Res 26: 1327-1336, 2006.
Chemotherapy Treatment Options for Elderly Women with Breast Cancer.
S. KÜMMEL, D. ELLING, S. JESCHKE, P. SCHMID, A. THOMAS (Berlin, Germany). Anticancer Res 26: 1673-1676, 2006.
Options and Limits of Surgery after Pre-operative Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer.
A. THOMAS, R. OHLINGER, M. HAUSCHILD, A. MUSTEA, J.-U. BLOHMER, S. KÜMMEL (Berlin, Germany). Anticancer Res 26: 1677-1682, 2006.
The Orphan Nuclear Receptors, Estrogen Receptor-related Receptors: their Role as New Biomarkers in Gynecological Cancer.
P. SUN, L. WEI, C. DENKERT, W. LICHTENEGGER, J. SEHOULI (Beijing, China; Berlin, Germany). Anticancer Res 26: 1699-1706, 2006.
Postoperative Therapy Modalities for Cervical Carcinoma.
S. KÜMMEL, A. THOMAS, S. JESCHKE, M. HAUSCHILD, J. SEHOULI, W. LICHTENEGGER, J.-U. BLOHMER (Berlin, Germany). Anticancer Res 26: 1707-1714, 2006.
The Role of Capecitabine in the Treatment of Colorectal Cancer in the Elderly.
L.M. PASETTO, S. MONFARDINI (Padova, Italy). Anticancer Res 26: 2381-2386, 2006.
Vitamin D and Cancer.
C.S. SPINA, V. TANGPRICHA, M. USKOKOVIC, L. ADORINIC, H. MAEHR, M.F. HOLICK (Boston, MA; Atlanta, GA; Nutley, NJ, USA). Anticancer Res 26: 2515- 2524, 2006.
Mechanisms of Vitamin D-mediated Growth Inhibition in Prostate Cancer Cells: Inhibition of the Prostaglandin Pathway.
J. MORENO, A.V. KRISHNAN, D.M. PEEHL, D. FELDMAN (Stanford, CA, USA). Anticancer Res 26: 2525-2530, 2006.
Vitamin D Compounds: Activity Against Microbes and Cancer.
A.F. GOMBART, Q.T. LUONG, H. P. KOEFFLER (Los Angeles, CA, USA). Anticancer Res 26: 2531-2542, 2006.
The Antitumor Efficacy of Calcitriol: Preclinical Studies.
C.S. JOHNSON, J.R. MUINDI, P.A. HERSHBERGER, D.L. TRUMP (Buffalo, NY; Pittsburgh, PA, USA). Anticancer Res 26: 2543-2550, 2006.
Vitamin D Compounds: Clinical Development as Cancer Therapy and Prevention Agents.
D.L. TRUMP, J. MUINDI, M. FAKIH, W.-D. YU, C.S. JOHNSON (Buffalo, NY, USA). Anticancer Res 26: 2551-2556, 2006.
Epigenetic Corruption of VDR Signalling in Malignancy.
S.A. ABEDIN, C.M. BANWELL, K.W. COLSTON, C. CARLBERG, M.J. CAMPBELL (Birmingham; London, UK; Kuopio, Finland). Anticancer Res 26: 2557-2566, 2006.
Dysfunction of the Vitamin D Endocrine System as Common Cause for Multiple Malignant and other Chronic Diseases.
M. PETERLIK, H.S. CROSS (Vienna, Austria). Anticancer Res 26: 2581-2588, 2006.
The Impact of Chromatin Organization of Vitamin D Target Genes.
C. CARLBERG, T.W. DUNLOP (Kuopio, Finland). Anticancer Res 26: 2637-2646, 2006.
Calcitriol in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer.
T.M. BEER, A. MYRTHUE (Portland, OR, USA). Anticancer Res 26: 2647-2652, 2006.
Selective Inhibitors of Vitamin D Metabolism – New Concepts and Perspectives.
I. SCHUSTER, H. EGGER, G. HERZIG, G.S. REDDY, J.A. SCHMID, M. SCHÜSSLER, G. VORISEK (Vienna, Austria; Providence, RI, USA). Anticancer Res 26: 2653-2668, 2006.
Effects of 1—,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 in Human Colon Cancer Cells.
J.M. GONZÁLEZ- SANCHO, M.J. LARRIBA, P. ORDÓÑEZ-MORÁN, H.G. PÁLMER, A. MUÑOZ (Madrid, Spain; London, UK). Anticancer Res 26: 2669-2682, 2006.
Vitamin D Analogs and Coactivators.
G. EELEN, L. VERLINDEN, P. DE CLERCQ, M. VANDEWALLE, R. BOUILLON, A. VERSTUYF (Leuven; Gent, Belgium). Anticancer Res 26: 2717-2722, 2006.
UV Radiation and Cancer Prevention: What is the Evidence?
R. KRAUSE, B. MATULLA- NOLTE, M. ESSERS, A. BROWN, W. HOPFEN MÜLLER (Berlin, Germany). Anticancer Res 26: 2723-2728, 2006.
Cutaneous Photosynthesis of Vitamin D: An Evolutionary Highly-conserved Endocrine System that Protects against Environmental Hazards Including UV-radiation and Microbial Infections.
L. TREMEZAYGUES, M. STICHERLING, C. PFÖHLER, M. FRIEDRICH, V. MEINEKE, M. SEIFERT, W. TILGEN, J. REICHRATH (Homburg/Saar; Leipzig; Lübeck; München, Germany). Anticancer Res 26: 2743-2748, 2006.
Role of Surgery in Treatment of Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer.
D. PREZIOSO, R. GALASSO, M. DI MARTINO, G. IAPICCA, F. IACONO (Naples, Italy). Anticancer Res 26: 3151- 3158, 2006.
Proteomics in the Diagnosis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Focus on High Risk Hepatitis B and C Patients.
A. EL-ANEED, J. BANOUB (St. John’s, NL, Canada). Anticancer Res 26: 3293- 3300, 2006.
New Molecular Mechanisms of Action of Camptothecin-type Drugs.
K. LEGARZA, L.-X. YANG (San Francisco, CA, USA). Anticancer Res 26: 3301-3306, 2006.
Recent Progress in Target Therapy in Colorectal Cancer.
L.M. PASETTO, A. BORTOLAMI, C. FALCI, G. SINIGAGLIA, S. MONFARDINI (Padova; Aviano, Italy). Anticancer Res 26: 3973- 3982, 2006.
The Therapeutic Potential of Immuno-cell Therapy of Cancer in Combination with Aminobisphosphonates.
S. GOTO, A. NOGUCHI, H. JINGUJI, M. TAKAHARA (Tokyo, Japan). Anticancer Res 26: 3989-3996, 2006.
Unique Molecular Characteristics of the Environmental Responses of Mucosal Macrophages.
K. NAKATA, H. INAGAWA, T. NISHIZAWA, C. KOHCHI, Y. TANIGUCHI, N. YOSHIOKA, G.-I. SOMA (Tokushima; Shimonoseki; Chiba, Japan). Anticancer Res 26: 4009- 4014, 2006.
Possible Applications of Antibodies or their Genes in Cancer Therapy.
M. KUROKI, J. HUANG, H. SHIBAGUCHI, T. TANAKA, J. ZHAO, N. LUO, K. HACHIMINE, T. KINUGASA, S.-I. MAEKAWA, S. ENATSU, W. HAMANAKA, T. FUKAMI, M. KUROKI (Fukuoka, Japan). Anticancer Res 26: 4019- 4026, 2006.
HER-2 and NF-κB as the Targets for Therapy-resistant Breast Cancer.
K.M. AHMED, N. CAO, J.J. LI (West Lafayette, IN, USA). Anticancer Res 26: 4235-4244, 2006.
The Emerging World of MicroRNAs.
L. O’DRISCOLL (Dublin, Ireland). Anticancer Res 26: 4271- 4278, 2006.
Anticancer Potential of Silymarin: From Bench to Bed Side.
R. AGARWAL, C. AGARWAL, H. ICHIKAWA, R.P. SINGH, B.B. AGGARWAL (Denver, CO; Houston, TX, USA). Anticancer Res 26: 4457-4498, 2006.
Hepatic Metastases of Colorectal Cancer: Locoregional Intra-arterial Treatment.
L.M. PASETTO, R. MERENDA, P. PILATI, G. SINIGAGLIA, S. MONFARDINI (Padova, Italy). Anticancer Res 26: 4785-4792, 2006.
Ovarian Cancer Screening.
M. KYRGIOU, I. TSOUMPOU, P. MARTIN-HIRSCH, M. ARBYN, W. PRENDIVILLE, G. KOLIOPOULOS, N. DALKALITSIS, P. STAMATOPOULOS, E. PARASKEVAIDIS (London; Edinburgh; Preston; Oxford, UK; Brussels, Belgium; Lyon, France; Dublin, Ireland; Ioannina; Thessaloniki, Greece). Anticancer Res 26: 4793-4802, 2006.
Parathyroid Cancer: Etiology, Clinical Presentation and Treatment.
F. LUMACHI, S.M.M. BASSO, U. BASSO (Padova, Italy). Anticancer Res 26: 4803-4808, 2006.
Adjuvant Chemotherapy for Colon Cancer.
A.G. PALLIS, I.A. MOUZAS (Heraklion, Greece). Anticancer Res 26: 4809-4816, 2006.
B-cell Differentiation, Apoptosis and Proliferation in Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphomas.
M. BAI, A. SKYRLAS, N.J. AGNANTIS, S. KAMINA, A. PAPOUDOU-BAI, P. KITSOULIS, P. KANAVAROS (Ioannina, Greece). Anticancer Res 25: 347-362, 2005.
Prostate Cancer Therapy: Standard Management, New Options and Experimental Approaches.
L. TROJAN, K. KIKNAVELIDZE, T. KNOLL, P. ALKEN, M.S. MICHEL (Mannheim, Germany). Anticancer Res 25: 551-562, 2005.
FOLFOX Versus FOLFIRI: A Comparison of Regimens in the Treatment of Colorectal Cancer Metastases.
L.M. PASETTO, A. JIRILLO, G. IADICICCO, E. ROSSI, M.K. PARIS, S. MONFARDINI (Padova, Italy). Anticancer Res 25: 563-576, 2005.
Molecular Genetic Tumor Markers in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer.
Antibody Therapy for Breast Cancer.
A. WILLEMS, K. GAUGER, C. HENRICHS, N. HARBECK (Munich, Germany). Anticancer Res 25: 1483-1490, 2005.
Current Approaches in Chemotherapy of Advanced and Metastatic Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC).
M. RECK (Grosshansdorf, Germany). Anticancer Res 25: 1501-1506, 2005.
The MLL Gene and Translocations Involving Chromosomal Band 11q23 in Acute Leukemia.
M. DE BRAEKELEER, F. MOREL, M.-J. LE BRIS, A. HERRY, N. DOUET-GUILBERT (Brest, France). Anticancer Res 25: 1931-1944, 2005.
Nuclear Phospholipase C Signaling Through Type 1 IGF Receptor and its Involvement in Cell Growth and Differentiation.
I. FAENZA, A.M. BILLI, M. YUNG FOLLO, R. FIUME, A.M. MARTELLI, L. COCCO, L. MANZOLI (Bologna, Italy). Anticancer Res 25: 2039-2042, 2005.
Pharmacokinetics of Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies Used in Oncology.
D. LEVΚQUE, S. WISNIEWSKI, F. JEHL (Strasbourg, France). Anticancer Res 25: 2327-2344, 2005.
Contemporary Definitions of Tumor Specific Antigens, Immunogens and Markers as Related to the Adaptive Responses of the Cancer-bearing Host.
J.H. COGGIN JR., A.L. BARSOUM, J.W. ROHRER, M. THURNHER, M. ZEIS (Mobile, AL, USA; Innsbruck, Austria; Hamburg, Germany). Anticancer Res 25: 2345-2356, 2005.
Phytoestrogens in Cancer Prevention and Therapy – Mechanisms of their Biological Activity.
J. WIETRZYK, G. GRYNKIEWICZ, A. OPOLSKI (Wroclaw; Warsaw; Czestochowa, Poland). Anticancer Res 25: 2357-2366, 2005.
A Practical Overview of Aromatase Inhibitors.
J. YOUNUS, T.A. VANDENBERG (London, Ont., Canada). Anticancer Res 25: 2497-2502, 2005.
Murine Polyomavirus Virus-like Particles (VLPs) as Vectors for Gene and Immune Therapy and Vaccines against Viral Infections and Cancer.
K. TEGERSTEDT, A. VLASTOS FRANZΙN, K. ANDREASSON, J. JONEBERG, S. HEIDARI, T. RAMQVIST, T. DALIANIS (Stockholm, Sweden). Anticancer Res 25: 2601-2608, 2005.
The Elastin Connection and Melanoma Progression.
W. HORNEBECK, A. ROBINET, L. DUCA, F. ANTONICELLI, J. WALLACH, G. BELLON (Reims; Lyon, France). Anticancer Res 25: 2617-2626, 2005.
Prostate Cancer and Inositol Hexaphosphate: Efficacy and Mechanisms.
R.P. SINGH, R. AGARWAL (Denver, CO, USA). Anticancer Res 25: 2891-2904, 2005.
Impact of Cytogenetic and Molecular Cytogenetic Studies on Hematologic Malignancies.
A. KOLIALEXI, G.TH. TSANGARIS, S. KITSIOU, E. KANAVAKIS, A. MAVROU (Athens, Greece). Anticancer Res 25: 2979-2984, 2005.
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