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Reviews 2005-2018

Pathology of Prostate Cancer and Focal Therapy (‘Male Lumpectomy’).
R. MAZZUCCHELLI, M. SCARPELLI, L. CHENG, A. LOPEZ-BELTRAN, A.B. GALOSI, Z. KIRKALI, R. MONTIRONI (Ancona, Italy; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Cordoba, Spain; Izmir, Turkey). Anticancer Res 29: 5155-5162, 2009.
L1-CAM as a Target for Treatment of Cancer with Monoclonal Antibodies.
U.H. WEIDLE, D. EGGLE, S. KLOSTERMANN (Penzberg, Germany). Anticancer Res 29: 4919-4932, 2009.
Efficacy of Ligand-based Targeting for the EGF System in Cancer.
F. YOTSUMOTO, A. SANUI, T. FUKAMI, K. SHIROTA, S. HORIUCHI, H. TSUJIOKA, T. YOSHIZATO, M. KUROKI, S. MIYAMOTO (Fukuoka, Japan). Anticancer Res 29: 4879-4886, 2009.
Improvement of Allergic Dermatitis via Regulation of the Th1/Th2 Immune System Balance by Macrophages Activated with Lipopolysaccharide Derived from Pantoea agglomerans (IP-PA1).
A. YOSHIDA, C. KOHCHI, H. INAGAWA, T. NISHIZAWA, G.-I. SOMA (Tokushima; Kagawa; Chiba; Yamaguchi, Japan). Anticancer Res 29: 4867-4870, 2009.
Intestinal Macrophages Involved in the Homeostasis of the Intestine Have the Potential for Responding to LPS.
N. YOSHIOKA, Y. TANIGUCHI, A. YOSHIDA, K. NAKATA, T. NISHIZAWA, H. INAGAWA, C. KOHCHI, G.-I. SOMA (Tokushima; Kagawa; Okayama; Yamaguchi; Chiba, Japan). Anticancer Res 29: 4861-4866, 2009.
Mechanism for Maintaining Homeostasis in the Immune System of the Intestine.
Y. TANIGUCHI, N. YOSHIOKA, K. NAKATA, T. NISHIZAWA, H. INAGAWA, C. KOHCHI, G.-I. SOMA (Tokushima; Kagawa; Okayama; Yamaguchi; Chiba, Japan). Anticancer Res 29: 4855- 4860, 2009.
Anti-glioma Therapy with Temozolomide and Status of the DNA-Repair Gene MGMT.
T. FUKUSHIMA, H. TAKESHIMA, H. KATAOKA (Miyazaki, Japan). Anticancer Res 29: 4845-4854, 2009.
Tumour Biology: Tumour-associated Inflammation versus Antitumor Immunity.
B. MÜLLERHÜBENTHAL, M. AZEMAR, D. LORENZEN, M. HUBER, M.A FREUDENBERG, C. GALANOS, C. UNGER, B. HILDENBRAND (Freiburg; Duderstadt; Aachen, Germany). Anticancer Res 29: 4795-4806, 2009.
Immunological Similarities between Cancer and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The Common Link to Fatigue?
M. MEEUS, W. MISTIAEN, L. LAMBRECHT, J. NIJS (Antwerp; Brussels, Ghent, Belgium). Anticancer Res 29: 4717-4726, 2009.
Cancer Nanotargeted Radiopharmaceuticals for Tumor Imaging and Therapy.
G. TING, C.-H. CHANG, H.-E. WANG (Miaoli; Taoyuan; Taipei, Taiwan, ROC). Anticancer Res 29: 4107-4118, 2009.
Telomeres and Telomerase in Sarcomas.
T. MATSUO, S. SHIMOSE, T. KUBO, J. FUJIMORI, Y. YASUNAGA, M. OCHI (Hiroshima, Japan). Anticancer Res 29: 3833-3836, 2009.
Role of MGMT in Tumor Development, Progression, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prognosis.
S. SHARMA, F. SALEHI, B.W. SCHEITHAUER, F. ROTONDO, L.V. SYRO, K. KOVACS (Toronto, ON, Canada; Rochester, NY, USA; Medellin, Colombia). Anticancer Res 29: 3759-3768, 2009.
Modulation of Vitamin D Synthesis and Catabolism in Colorectal Mucosa: A New Target for Cancer Prevention.
H.S. CROSS, T. NITTKE, M. PETERLIK (Vienna, Austria). Anticancer Res 29: 3705-3712, 2009.
Epidemiology of Vitamin D Insufficiency and Cancer Mortality.
S. PILZ, A. TOMASCHITZ, B. OBERMAYER-PIETSCH, H. DOBNIG, T.R. PIEBER (Graz, Austria). Anticancer Res 29: 3699-3704, 2009.
Calcium, Vitamin D and Cancer.
M. PETERLIK, W.B. GRANT, H.S. CROSS (Vienna, Austria; San Francisco, CA, USA). Anticancer Res 29: 3687-3698, 2009.
How to Optimize Vitamin D Supplementation to Prevent Cancer, Based on Cellular Adaptation and Hydroxylase Enzymology.
R. VIETH (Toronto, ON, Canada). Anticancer Res 29: 2675-2684, 2009.
Current Impediments to Acceptance of the Ultraviolet-B-Vitamin D-Cancer Hypothesis.
W.B. GRANT, B.J. BOUCHER (San Francisco, CA, USA; London, UK). Anticancer Res 29: 3597- 3604, 2009.
The Relevance of Vitamin D Receptor (VDR) Gene Polymorphisms for Cancer: A Review of the Literature.
K. KÖSTNER, N. DENZER, C.S.L. MÜLLER, R. KLEIN, W. TILGEN, J. REICHRATH (Homburg; Kaiserslautern, Germany). Anticancer Res 29: 3511-3536, 2009.
Solar Radiation, Vitamin D and Cancer Incidence and Mortality in Norway.
J. MOAN, A. DAHLBACK, Z. LAGUNOVA, E. CICARMA, A.C. POROJNICU (Oslo, Norway). Anticancer Res 29: 3501-3510, 2009.
Sun and Sun Beds: Inducers of Vitamin D and Skin Cancer.
E. CICARMA, A.C. POROJNICU, Z. LAGUNOVA, A. DAHLBACK, A. JUZENIENE, J. MOAN (Oslo, Norway). Anticancer Res 29: 3495-3500, 2009.
A Genomic Perspective on Vitamin D Signaling.
C. CARLBERG, S. SEUTER (Luxembourg; Kuopio, Finland). Anticancer Res 29: 3485-3494, 2009.
The Impact of 1,25(OH)2D3 and its Structural Analogs on Gene Expression in Cancer Cells - A Microarray Approach.
C. KRIEBITZSCH, L. VERLINDEN, G. EELEN, B.K. TAN, M. VAN CAMP, R. BOUILLON, A. VERSTUYF (Leuven, Belgium). Anticancer Res 29: 3471-3484, 2009.
Current and Future Options in the Treatment of Malignant Ascites in Ovarian Cancer.
H. WOOPEN, J. SEHOULI (Berlin, Germany). Anticancer Res 29: 3353-3360, 2009.
New Molecular Biomarkers for the Prognosis and Management of Prostate Cancer – The Post PSA Era.
B. BICKERS, C. AUKIM-HASTIE (Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK). Anticancer Res 29: 3289-3298, 2009.
Controversies in the Management of Ovarian Cancer – Pros and Cons for Lymph Node Dissection in Ovarian Cancer.
O. CAMARA, J. SEHOULI (Berlin, Germany). Anticancer Res 29: 2837-2844, 2009.
Pros and Cons of Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy in the Treatment of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer.
A.G. ZEIMET, D. REIMER, A.C. RADL, A. REINTHALLER, C. SCHAUER, E. PETRU, N. CONCIN, S. BRAUN, C. MARTH (Innsbruck; Vienna; Graz, Austria). Anticancer Res 29: 2803- 2808, 2009.
Evidence-based Perioperative Management: Strategic Shifts in Times of Fast Track Surgery.
S.S. CHOPRA, S.C. SCHMIDT, C. FOTOPOULOU, J. SEHOULI, G. SCHUMACHER (Berlin, Germany). Anticancer Res 29: 2799-2802, 2009.
Brain Metastases from Epithelial Ovarian Cancer: Overview and Optimal Management.
K. PIETZNER, G. OSKAY-OEZCELIK, K. EL KHALFAOUI, D. BOEHMER, W. LICHTENEGGER, J. SEHOULI (Berlin, Germany). Anticancer Res 29: 2793-2798, 2009.
Colorectal Cancer and Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Epidemiology, Risk Factors, Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis and Prevention Strategies.
J.K. TRIANTAFILLIDIS, G. NASIOULAS, P.A. KOSMIDIS (Athens, Greece). Anticancer Res 29: 2727-2738, 2009.
Novel Strategy of Anti-angiogenic Therapy for Uterine Cervical Carcinomas.
J. FUJIMOTO (Gifu, Japan). Anticancer Res 29: 2665-2670, 2009.
New Markers and Multivariate Models for Prostate Cancer Detection.
C. STEPHAN, H. RITTENHOUSE, H. CAMMANN, M. LEIN, M. SCHRADER, S. DEGER, K. MILLER, K. JUNG (Berlin, Germany; Diego, CA, USA). Anticancer Res 29: 2589-2600, 2009.
Immunobiological and Experimental Aspects of Malignant Astrocytoma.
R. NANO, E. CAPELLI, A. FACOETTI, E. BENERICETTI (Pavia; Parma, Italy). Anticancer Res 29: 2461-2466, 2009.
Proton Transport Inhibitors as Potentially Selective Anticancer Drugs.
S. HARGUINDEY, J.L. ARRANZ, M.L. WAHL, G. ORIVE, S.J. RESHKIN (Vitoria, Spain; Durham, NC, USA; Bari, Italy). Anticancer Res 29: 2127-2136, 2009.
Heat-shock Protein 90 (Hsp90) as a Molecular Target for Therapy of Gastrointestinal Cancer.
C. MOSER, S.A. LANG, O. STOELTZING (Regensburg; Mainz, Germany). Anticancer Res 29: 2031-2042, 2009.
Tissue Transglutaminase Promotes or Suppresses Tumors Depending on Cell Context.
A. CHHABRA, A. VERMA, K. MEHTA (Houston, TX, USA). Anticancer Res 29: 1909-1920, 2009.
Molecular Imaging of Tumor Blood Vessels in Prostate Cancer.
D. TILKI, M. SEITZ, B.B. SINGER, S. IRMAK, C.G. STIEF, O. REICH, S. ERGÜN (Munich; Essen, Germany; New York, NY, USA). Anticancer Res 29: 1823-1830, 2009.
Cancer-induced Hypercalcemia.
F. LUMACHI, A. BRUNELLO, A. ROMA, U. BASSO (Padova, Italy). Anticancer Res 29: 1551-1556, 2009.
Genetic and Molecular Abnormalities in Cholangiocarcinogenesis.
V.J. HASSID, F.A. ORLANDO, Z.T. AWAD, D. TAN, T. KHOURY, B.H. AHMED, S.J. ALRAWI (Jacksonville; Gainesville, FL; Houston, TX; Buffalo, NY, USA). Anticancer Res 29: 1151-1156, 2009.
Oestrogen-synthesising Enzymes and Breast Cancer.
M. KULENDRAN, M. SALHAB, K. MOKBEL (London; Uxbridge, Middlesex, UK). Anticancer Res 29: 1095-1110, 2009.
RUNX1 Translocations in Malignant Hemopathies.
E. DE BRAEKELEER, C. FÉREC, M. DE BRAEKELEER (Brest, France). Anticancer Res 29: 1031-1038, 2009.
The Role of Toll-like Receptor 2 in Survival Strategies of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Macrophage Phagosomes.
A. YOSHIDA, H. INAGAWA, C. KOHCHI, T. NISHIZAWA, G.-I. SOMA (Tokushima; Chiba; Yamaguchi; Kagawa, Japan). Anticancer Res 29: 907-910, 2009.
Utility and Safety of LPS-based Fermented Flour Extract as a Macrophage Activator.
Y. TANIGUCHI, N. YOSHIOKA, T. NISHIZAWA, H. INAGAWA, C. KOHCHI, G.-I. SOMA (Tokushima; Kagawa; Yamaguchi; Chiba, Japan). Anticancer Res 29: 859-864, 2009.
Potential for Molecularly Targeted Therapy against Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Ligands.
S. MIYAMOTO, T. FUKAMI, H. YAGI, M. KUROKI, F. YOTSUMOTO (Fukuoka, Japan). Anticancer Res 29: 823-830, 2009.
ROS and Innate Immunity.
C. KOHCHI, H. INAGAWA, T. NISHIZAWA, G.-I. SOMA (Kagawa- ken; Tokushima-ken; Chibaken; Yamaguchi-ken, Japan). Anticancer Res 29: 817-822, 2009.
High-dose Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) Therapy in the Treatment of Patients with Advanced Cancer.
S. OHNO, Y. OHNO, N. SUZUKI, G.-I. SOMA, M. INOUE (Ishikawa; Tokushima; Chiba; Kagawa, Japan). Anticancer Res 29: 809-816, 2009.
Inhibition of Cancer Invasion and Metastasis by Targeting the Molecular Chaperone Heat- shock Protein 90.
F. KOGA, K. KIHARA, L. NECKERS (Tokyo, Japan; Bethesda, MD, USA). Anticancer Res 29: 797-808, 2009.
Genetic Polymorphisms of Smoking-related Carcinogen Detoxifying Enzymes and Head and Neck Cancer Susceptibility.
M. LACKO, M.B. OUDE OPHUIS, W.H.M. PETERS, J.J. MANNI (Maastricht; Nijmegen, The Netherlands). Anticancer Res 29: 753-762, 2009.
Therapy-induced Toxicity of the Lungs: An Overview.
A.G. CHARPIDOU, I. GKIOZOS, S. TSIMPOUKIS, D. APOSTOLAKI, K.D. DILANA, E.M. KARAPANAGIOTOU, K.N. SYRIGOS (Athens, Greece). Anticancer Res 29: 631-640, 2009.
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia.
J. BOELENS, S. LUST, B. VANHOECKE, F. OFFNER (Ghent, Belgium). Anticancer Res 29: 605-616, 2009.
Volume-sensitive Cl– Channel as a Regulator of Acquired Cisplatin Resistance.
T. SHIMIZU, E.L. LEE, T. ISE, Y. OKADA (Okazaki, Japan). Anticancer Res 28: 75-84, 2008.
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