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Reviews 2005-2018

Regulatory Mechanisms of the HB-EGF Autocrine Loop in Inflammation, Homeostasis, Development and Cancer.
K. MIYATA, F. YOTSUMOTO, S.O. NAM, M. KUROKI, S. MIYAMOTO (Fukuoka, Japan). Anticancer Res 32: 2347
The Involvement of O-Antigen Polysaccharide in Lipopolysaccharide in Macrophage Activation.
M. SHIMADA, T. KADOWAKI, Y. TANIGUCHI, H. INAGAWA, K. OKAZAKI, G.-I. SOMA (Kagawa; Tokushima, Japan). Anticancer Res 32: 2337
Heat-shock Protein 27 Plays the Key Role in Gemcitabine-resistance of Pancreatic Cancer Cells.
Y. KURAMITSU, Y. WANG, K. TABA, S. SUENAGA, S. RYOZAWA, S. KAINO, I. SAKAIDA, K. NAKAMURA (Yamaguchi, Japan). Anticancer Res 32: 2295
Endometrial Cancer Stem Cells: A New Target for Cancer Therapy.
K. KATO (Tokyo, Japan). Anticancer Res 32: 2283
Reconsideration of Macrophage and Dendritic Cell Classification.
T. KADOWAKI, M. SHIMADA, H. INAGAWA, C. KOHCHI, M. HIRASHIMA, G.-I. SOMA (Kagawa; Chiba; Tokushima, Japan). Anticancer Res 32: 2257
Combining Cetuximab with Killer Lymphocytes Synergistically Inhibits Human Cholangiocarcinoma CellsIn Vitro.
T. MORISAKI, M. UMEBAYASHI, A. KIYOTA, N. KOYA, H. TANAKA, H. ONISHI,M. KATANO (Fukuoka, Japan). Anticancer Res 32: 2249
Cancer Immunotherapy Using NKG2D and DNAM-1 Systems.
T. MORISAKI, H. ONISHI,M. KATANO (Fukuoka, Japan). Anticancer Res 32: 2241
Surgery for Advanced and Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer – Current State and Trends.
M.F. NENTWICH, M. BOCKHORN, A. KÖNIG, J.R. IZBICKI, G. CATALDEGIRMEN (Hamburg, Germany). Anticancer Res 32: 1999
The Interplay between Hemostasis and Malignancy: The Oral Cancer Paradigm.
C. YAPIJAKIS, A. BRAMOS, A.M. NIXON, V. RAGOS, E. VAIRAKTARIS (Athens, Greece). Anticancer Res 32: 1791
Improved Chemotherapy for Hepatocellular Carcinoma.
H. CAO, H. PHAN, L.-X. YANG (San Francisco, CA, USA). Anticancer Res 32: 1379
Multiple Associations Between a Broad Spectrum of Autoimmune Diseases, Chronic InflammatoryDiseases and Cancer.
A.L. FRANKS, J.E. SLANSKY (Aurora, CO, USA). Anticancer Res 32: 1119
Chemoprevention of Asbestos-linked Cancers: A Systematic Review.
M. NERI, D. UGOLINI, S. BOCCIA, P.A. CANESSA, A. CESARIO, G. LEONCINI, L. MUTTI, S. BONASSI (Rome; Genova; Sarzana; Vercelli, Italy). Anticancer Res 32: 1005
Immunotherapy Approaches Targeting Regulatory T-Cells.
H. ONISHI, T. MORISAKI, M. KATANO (Fukuoka, Japan). Anticancer Res 32: 997
Gastrointestinal Surgical Oncology. Personal Experience in the Context of Current Knowledge and Future Perspectives.
L. NESPOLI, F. UGGERI, F. ROMANO, A. NESPOLI, F. BRIVO, L. FUMAGALLI, M. SARGENTI, F. UGGERI, L. GIANOTTI (Monza; Cinisello Balsamo; Lecco; Milan, Italy). Anticancer Res 32: 989
Is Surgical Trauma Prometastatic?
F.J. LEJEUNE (Lausanne, Switzerland). Anticancer Res 32: 947
Improved Radiotherapy for Primary and Secondary Liver Cancer: Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy.
C. TAO, L.-X. YANG (San Francisco, CA, USA). Anticancer Res 32: 649
Tumor Interstitial Fluid as Modulator of Cancer Inflammation, Thrombosis, Immunity and Angiogenesis.
G. BARONZIO, L. SCHWARTZ, M. KISELEVSKY, A. GUAIS, E. SANDERS, G. MILANESI, M. BARONZIO, I. FREITAS (Milan; Pavia, Italy; Garches; Paris, France; Moscow, Russia). Anticancer Res 32: 405
Role of the Apoptotic and Mitotic Regulator Survivin in Melanoma.
J.A. MCKENZIE, D. GROSSMAN (Salt Lake City, UT, USA). Anticancer Res 32: 397
Optimal Serum Calcidiol Concentration for Cancer Prevention.
P. TUOHIMAA, Y.-R. LOU (Tampere; Helsinki, Finland). Anticancer Res 32: 373
Vitamin D and Cellular Ca2+ Signaling in Breast Cancer.
I.N. SERGEEV (Brookings, SD, USA). Anticancer Res 32: 299
The Roles of Cytochrome P450 Enzymes in Prostate Cancer Development and Treatment.
T.C.CHEN, T. SAKAKI, K. YAMAMOTO, A. KITTAKA (Boston, MA, USA; Toyama; Tokyo; Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan). Anticancer Res 32: 291
Vitamin D Receptor Expression in Patients with Vulvar Cancer.
D. SALEHIN, C. HAUGK, M. THILL, T. CORDES, M. WILLIAM, B. HEMMERLEIN, M. FRIEDRICH (Krefeld; Lübeck, Germany). Anticancer Res 32: 283
The Scots’ Paradox: Can Sun Exposure, or Lack of it, Explain Major Paradoxes in Epidemiology?
O. GILLIE (London, UK). Anticancer Res 32: 237
Ecological Studies of the UVB.Vitamin D. Cancer Hypothesis.
W.B. GRANT (San Francisco, CA, USA). Anticancer Res 32: 223
Novel Therapeutic Approaches for Targeting Tumor Angiogenesis.
A.G. LINKOUS, E.M. YAZLOVITSKAYA (Bethesda, MD; Nashville, TN, USA). Anticancer Res 32: 1
Targeting AKT Protein Kinase in Gastric Cancer.
K. ALMHANNA, J. STROSBERG, M. MALAFA(Tampa, FL, USA). Anticancer Res 31: 4387. 2011
Estrogen Pathway Polymorphisms and Mammographic Density.
I. DUMAS, C. DIORIO (QuebecCity, QC, Canada). Anticancer Res 31: 4369. 2011
Impact of Cyclooxygenase-2 in Breast Cancer.
F. HOELLEN, K. KELLING, C. DITTMER, K. DIEDRICH, M. FRIEDRICH, M. THILL (Luebeck; Krefeld, Germany). Anticancer Res 31: 4359. 2011
Electrotransfer of RNAi-based Oligonucleotides for Oncology.
S. CHABOT, S. PELOFY, A. PAGANIN-GIOANNI, J. TEISSIE, M. GOLZIO (Toulouse, France). Anticancer Res 31: 4083. 2011
Rho Kinase Proteins—Pleiotropic Modulators of Cell Survival and Apoptosis.
C.A. STREET, B.A. BRYAN (Worcester, MA; El Paso, TX, USA). Anticancer Res 31: 3645. 2011
The Role of Chemotherapy in Metastatic Gastric Cancer.
F. PASINI, A.P. FRACCON, G. DE MANZONI (Rovigo; Verona, Italy). Anticancer Res 31: 3543. 2011
The Prognostic Role of Lymphovascular Invasion in Urothelial-cell Carcinoma of Upper and LowerUrinary Tract.
E. BRUNOCILLA, R. PERNETTI, G. MARTORANA (Bologna, Italy). Anticancer Res 31: 3503. 2011
No Detection of BK Virus, JC Virus, KI, WU and Merkel Cell Polyomaviruses in Cerebrospinal Fluid of Patients with Neurological Complications after Hematopoetic Stem Cell Transplantation.
J. RUBIN, G. GIRAUD, P. PRIFTAKIS, K. WIDE, B. GUSTAFSSON, T. RAMQVIST, T. DALIANIS (Stockholm; Eskilstuna, Sweden). Anticancer Res 31: 3489. 2011
CT and MR Imaging of the Adrenal Glands in Cortisol-secreting Tumors.
F. LUMACHI, P. MARCHESI, D. MIOTTO, R. MOTTA (Padova, Italy). Anticancer Res 31: 2923. 2011
The Mutational Profile of Sporadic Epithelial Ovarian Carcinoma.
S. KALAMANATHAN, V.BATES, R. LORD, J.A. GREEN (Liverpool; Wirral, Merseyside, UK). Anticancer Res 31: 2661. 2011
Cell-free DNA in the Circulation as a Potential Cancer Biomarker.
C. KOHLER, Z. BAREKATI,R. RADPOUR, X.Y. ZHONG (Basel, Switzerland). Anticancer Res 31: 2623. 2011
Lipopolysaccharide IP-PA1 from Pantoea agglomerans Prevents Suppression of Macrophage Function in Stress-induced Diseases.
K. NAKATA, H. INAGAWA, G.-I. SOMA (Okayama; Kagawa; Tokushima, Japan). Anticancer Res 31: 2437. 2011
Oral Administration of Lipopolysaccharides for the Prevention of Various Diseases: Benefit and Usefulness.
H. INAGAWA, C. KOHCHI, G.-I. SOMA (Kagawa-ken; Chiba-ken; Tokushima-ken, Japan). Anticancer Res 31: 2431. 2011
Sonodynamic Cancer Therapy: A Non-invasive and Repeatable Approach Using Low-intensity Ultrasound with a Sonosensitizer.
H. SHIBAGUCHI, H. TSURU, MOTOMU KUROKI, MASAHIDE KUROKI (Fukuoka, Japan). Anticancer Res 31: 2425. 2011
KRAS-induced Actin-interacting Protein: A Potent Target for Obesity, Diabetes and Cancer.
T. FUJIMOTO, S. SHIRASAWA (Fukuoka, Japan). Anticancer Res 31: 2413. 2011
Endoglin (CD105): A Review of its Role in Angiogenesis and Tumor Diagnosis, Progression andTherapy.
F. NASSIRI, M.D. CUSIMANO, B.W. SCHEITHAUER, F. ROTONDO, A. FAZIO, G.M. YOUSEF, L.V. SYRO, K. KOVACS, R.V. LLOYD (Toronto, ON, Canada; Rochester, MN; Madison, WI,USA; Medellin, Colombia). Anticancer Res 31: 2283. 2011
Disseminated and Circulating Tumor Cells for Monitoring Chemotherapy in Urological Tumors.
S. KRUCK, G. GAKIS, A. STENZL (Tuebingen, Germany). Anticancer Res 31: 2053. 2011
Current Concepts in the Non-operative Management of Rectal Cancer after NeoadjuvantChemoradiation.
G. SINGH-RANGER, D. KUMAR (London, UK). Anticancer Res 31: 1795. 2011
An Epidemic of Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma (OSCC) Due to Human Papillomavirus(HPV) Infection and Aspects of Treatment and Prevention.
T. RAMQVIST, T. DALIANIS (Stockholm, Sweden). Anticancer Res 31: 1515. 2011
The Involvement of Retroperitoneal Lymph Nodes in Primary Serous-papillary Peritoneal Carcinoma.
P.R. STEINHAGEN, J. SEHOULI (Berlin, Germany). Anticancer Res 31: 1387. 2011
The Involvement of Retroperitoneal Lymph Nodes in Primary Serous-papillary Peritoneal Carcinoma. A Systematic Review of the Literature.
P.R. STEINHAGEN, J. SEHOULI (Berlin, Germany). Anticancer Res 31: 1387-1394, 2011.
Potential Tumor-tropic Effect of Genetically Engineered Stem Cells Expressing Suicide Enzymes to Selectively Target Invasive Cancer in Animal Models.
S.U. KIM, E.-B. JEUNG, Y.-B. KIM, M.-H. CHO, K.-C. CHOI (Vancouver, BC, Canada; Chungbuk; Seoul, South Korea). Anticancer Res 31: 1249-1258, 2011.
Body Fluid Biomarkers for Early Detection of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinomas.
K.-D. LEE, H.-S. LEE, C.-H. JEON (Busan; Daegu, South Korea). Anticancer Res 31: 1161-1168, 2011.
Targeting Notch to Eradicate Pancreatic Cancer Stem Cells for Cancer Therapy.
Z. WANG, A. AHMAD, Y. LI, A.S. AZMI, L. MIELE, F.H. SARKAR (Detroit, MI; Jackson, MS, USA). Anticancer Res 31: 1105-1114, 2011.
Full Myeloablative Conditioning and an Unrelated HLA Mismatched Donor Increase the Risk for BK Virus-positive Hemorrhagic Cystitis in Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplanted Patients.
T. DALIANIS, P. LJUNGMAN (Stockholm, Sweden). Anticancer Res 31: 939-944, 2011.
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