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Reviews 2005-2018

Malignant Ascites in Ovarian Cancer and the Role of Targeted Therapeutics. E. SMOLLE, V. TAUCHER, J. HAYBAECK (Graz, Austria). Anticancer Res 34: 1553-1561. 2014
New Possibilities in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Treatment. M. RASOOL, S. RASHID, M. AROOJ, S.A. ANSARI, K.M. KHAN, A. MALIK, M.I. NASEER, S. ZAHID, A. MANAN, M. ASIF, Z. RAZZAQ, S. ASHRAF, M.H. QAZI, Z. IQBAL, S.H. GAN, M.A. KAMAL, I.A. SHEIKH (Jeddah; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Lahore; Quetta, Pakistan; Kelantan, Malaysia). Anticancer Res 34: 1563-1571. 2014
New Anticancer Agents: Role of Clinical Pharmacy Services. D. LEVEQUE, A. DELPEUCH, B, GOURIEUX (Strasbourg, France). Anticancer Res 34: 1519-1530. 2014
Treatment of Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia. E. ELBAHESH, N. PATEL, I.A. TABBARA (Washington, DC, USA). Anticancer Res 34: 1507-1517. 2014
New Developments in the Treatment of Metastatic Melanoma: Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors and Targeted Therapies. K. AZIJLI, E. STELLOO, G.J. PETERS, A.J.M. VAN DEN EERTWEGH (Amsterdam, Netherlands). Anticancer Res 34: 1493-1505. 2014
Pertuzumab: Development Beyond Breast Cancer. P. BARTHÉLÉMY, J. LEBLANC, V. GOLDBARG, F. WENDLING, J.-E. KURTZ (Strasbourg, France). Anticancer Res 34: 1483-1491. 2014
Targeting Extracellular ROS Signaling of Tumor Cells. G. BAUER (Freiburg, Germany). Anticancer Res 34: 1467-1482. 2014
Family of Peptides Synthesized in the Human Body Have Anticancer Effects. D.L. VESELY (Tampa, FL, USA). Anticancer Res 34: 1459-1466. 2014
Endothelial Dysfunction as a Determinant of Trastuzumab-mediated Cardiotoxicity in Patients with Breast Cancer. A. SANDOO, G.D. KITAS, A.R. CARMICHAEL (Dudley, West Midlands, UK). Anticancer Res 34: 1147-1151. 2014
The Management of Screen-detected Breast Cancer. M. AHMED, M. DOUEK (London, UK). Anticancer Res 34: 1141-1146. 2014
Mapping Oxidative Changes in Breast Cancer: Understanding the Basic to Reach the Clinics. A. MENCALHA, V.J. VICTORINO, R. CECCHINI, C. PANIS (Rio de Janeiro; São Paulo; Londrina, Brazil). Anticancer Res 34: 1127-1140. 2014
Predictive and Prognostic Significance of Tumor-infiltrating Lymphocytes in Patients with Breast Cancer Treated with Neoadjuvant Systemic Therapy. B. MELICHAR, H. ŠTUDENTOVÁ, H. KALÁBOVÁ, D. VITÁSKOVÁ, P. ČERMÁKOVÁ, H. HORNYCHOVÁ, A. RYŠKA (Olomouc; Hradec Králové, Czech Republic). Anticancer Res 34: 1115-1125. 2014
Current Approaches to Managing Partial Breast Defects: The Role of Conservative Breast Surgery Reconstruction. A.M. MUNHOZ, E. MONTAG, J.R. FILASSI, R. GEMPERLI (São Paulo, Brazil). Anticancer Res 34: 1099-1114. 2014
Clinical Utility of Ultrasound-Needle Biopsy for Preoperative Staging of the Axilla in Invasive Breast Cancer. N. HOUSSAMI, S.C.E. DIEPSTRATEN, H.S. CODY III, R.M. TURNER, A.R. SEVER (Sydney, NSW, Australia; Utrecht, Netherlands; New York, NY, USA; Maidstone, UK). Anticancer Res 34: 1087-1097. 2014
Glycodelin A – A Famous Lipocalin and its Role in Breast Cancer. A.C. KÖLBL, U. JESCHKE, D. DIAN, K. FRIESE, U. ANDERGASSEN (Munich, Germany). Anticancer Res 34: 1079-1085. 2014
Genetic and Epigenetic Aspects of Breast Cancer Progression and Therapy. S. BYLER, S. GOLDGAR, S. HEERBOTH, M. LEARY, G. HOUSMAN, K. MOULTON, S. SARKAR (Boston, MA, USA).Anticancer Res 34: 1071-1077. 2014
Hypoxic Condition and Prognosis in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma. P.O. DE LIMA, C.C. JORGE, D.T. OLIVEIRA, M.C. PEREIRA (Divinópolis, Minas Gerais; Bauru, São Paulo, Brazil). Anticancer Res 34: 605-612. 2014
Histidine Rich Glycoprotein and Cancer: A Multi-faceted Relationship. L.D.S. JOHNSON, H.A. GOUBRAN, R.R. KOTB (Victoria; Vancouver, BC; Saskatoon, SK, Canada). Anticancer Res 34: 593-603. 2014
Application of FDG-PET in Cervical Cancer and Endometrial Cancer: Utility and Future Prospects. Y. NOGAMI, M. IIDA, K. BANNO, I. KISU, M. ADACHI, K. NAKAMURA, K. UMENE, K. MASUDA, E. TOMINAGA, K. TANAKA, D. AOKI (Tokyo, Japan). Anticancer Res 34: 585-592. 2014
Chemoembolization in Colorectal Liver Metastases: The Rebirth. G. FIORENTINI, C. ALIBERTI, L. MULAZZANI, P. COSCHIERA, V. CATALANO, D. ROSSI, P. GIORDANI, S. RICCI (Pesaro; Padova; Ancona, Italy). Anticancer Res 34: 575-584. 2014
Fighting Fire with Fire: The Revival of Thermotherapy for Gliomas. W.L. TITSWORTH, G.J.A. MURAD, B.L. HOH, M. RAHMAN (Gainesville, FL, USA). Anticancer Res 34: 565-574. 2014
MicroRNAs in Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma: Implications for Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, Prognosis and Therapy. K. TROPPAN, K. WENZL, A. DEUTSCH, H. LING, P. NEUMEISTER, M. PICHLER (Graz, Austria; Houston, TX, USA). Anticancer Res 34: 557-564. 2014
‘BRCAness’ and Its Implications for Platinum Action in Gynecologic Cancer. F. MUGGIA, T. SAFRA (New York, NY, USA; Tel Aviv, Israel). Anticancer Res 34: 551-556. 2014
Counseling Patients on Cancer Diets: A Review of the Literature and Recommendations for Clinical Practice. J. HUEBNER, S. MARIENFELD, C. ABBENHARDT, C. ULRICH, K. MUENSTEDT, O. MICKE, R. MUECKE, C. LOESER (Frankfurt am Main; Heidelberg; Gießen; Bielefeld; Bochum; Kassel, Germany). Anticancer Res 34: 39-48. 2014
The Key Role of Bisphosphonates in the Supportive Care of Cancer Patients. M. TOLIA, A. ZYGOGIANNI, J.R KOUVARIS, C. MERISTOUDIS, N. MARGARI, P. KARAKITSOS, I. KOKAKIS, D. KARDAMAKIS, C. PAPADIMITRIOU, K. MYSTAKIDOU, N. TSOUKALAS, G. KYRGIAS, B. ARMONIS, D.K. FILIPPIADIS, A.D. KELEKIS, N. KELEKIS, V. KOULOULIAS (Athens; Patras; Larissa, Greece). Anticancer Res 34: 23-37. 2014
Nutrition and Pancreatic Cancer. M. PERICLEOUS, R.E. ROSSI, D. MANDAIR, T. WHYAND, M.E. CAPLIN (London, UK; Milan, Italy). Anticancer Res 34: 9-21. 2014
The Interaction Between DAP1 and Autophagy in the Context of Human Carcinogenesis. U. WAZIR, Z.S. KHANZADA, W.G. JIANG, A.K. SHARMA, A. KASEM, K. MOKBEL (London; Cardiff, Wales, UK). Anticancer Res 34: 1-8. 2014
Delivery Approaches of Gene Therapy in Hepatocellular Carcinoma.
F. DUAN, M.G.E.H. LAM (Beijing, China; Utrecht, Netherlands). Anticancer Res 33: 4711. 2013
State of the Art in the Treatment of Laryngeal Cancer.
F. JENCKE, R. KNECHT (Hamburg, Germany). Anticancer Res 33: 4701. 2013
Therapeutic Value of Quinazoline-based Compounds in Prostate Cancer.
J. BILBRO, M. MART, N. KYPRIANOU (Lexington, KY, USA). Anticancer Res 33: 4695. 2013
The Paradox of the Unfolded Protein Response in Cancer.
Saving Ears and Kidneys from Cisplatin.
K.U. WENSING, G. CIARIMBOLI (Münster, Germany). Anticancer Res 33: 4183. 2013
Musculoskeletal Sarcomas in the Forearm and Hand: Standard Treatment and Microsurgical Reconstruction for Limb Salvage.
K. MURAMATSU, K. IHARA, K. YOSHIDA, Y. TOMINAGA, T. HASHIMOTO, T. TAGUCHI (Ube; Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi, Japan). Anticancer Res 33: 4175. 2013
Chemoprevention of Prostate Cancer by Major Dietary Phytochemicals.
A. BOMMAREDDY, W. EGGLESTON, S. PRELEWICZ, A. ANTAL, Z. WITCZAK, D.F. MCCUNE, A.L. VANWERT (Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA). Anticancer Res 33: 4163. 2013
Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR)-targeted Therapies in Esophagogastric Cancer.
S. AYYAPPAN, D. PRABHAKAR, N. SHARMA (Cleveland, OH, USA). Anticancer Res 33: 4139. 2013
The Value of Pemetrexed for the Treatment of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma: A Comprehensive Review.
C. C.L.M. BOONS, M. W. VAN TULDER, J. A. BURGERS, J. J. BECKERINGH, C. WAGNER, J. G. HUGTENBURG (Amsterdam; Amstelveen; Utrecht, the Netherlands). Anticancer Res 33: 3553. 2013
Mitochondrial DNA Damage Is Uncommon in Cancer but Can Promote Aggressive Behaviour.
B. D. MAYBURY (Cardiff, U.K. ). Anticancer Res 33: 3543. 2013
Ubiquitination and the Ubiquitin – Proteasome System in the Pathogenesis and Treatment of Squamous Head and Neck Carcinoma.
I. A. VOUTSADAKIS (Sault Ste Marie, Canada). Anticancer Res 33: 3527. 2013
DNA Methyltransferase Inhibitors and Their Emerging Role in Epigenetic Therapy of Cancer.
A. GNYSZKA, Z. JASTRZĘBSKI, S. FLIS (Warsaw, Poland). Anticancer Res 33: 2989. 2013
Antineoplastic Activity of Zoledronic Acid and Denosumab.
P. ZWOLAK, A.Z. DUDEK (Chicago, IL, USA). Anticancer Res 33: 2981. 2013
Possible Therapeutic Targets Among the Molecules Involved in the Warburg Effect in Tumor Cells.
S. O. NAM, F. YOTSUMOTO, K. MIYATA, N. SHIRASU, S. MIYAMOTO, M. KUROKI (Fukuoka, Japan). Anticancer Res 33: 2855. 2013
Effects of Interactions between Intestinal Microbiota and Intestinal Macrophages on Health.
K. NAKATA, M. YAMAMOTO, H. INAGAWA, G. -I. SOMA (Soja; Kagawa; Tokushima, Japan). Anticancer Res 33: 2849. 2013
Lymph Node Evaluation and Survival in Colorectal Cancer: Review of Population-based, Prospective Studies.
Y. AKAGI, Y. ADACHI, T. KINUGASA, Y. OKA, T. MIZOBE, K. SHIROUZU (Fukuoka, Japan). Anticancer Res 33: 2839. 2013
Roles of ZFAT in Haematopoiesis, Angiogenesis and Cancer Development.
T. TSUNODA, S. SHIRASAWA (Fukuoka, Japan). Anticancer Res 33: 2833. 2013
Tumor-targeted Photodynamic Therapy.
N. SHIRASU, S. O. NAM, M. KUROKI (Fukuoka, Japan). Anticancer Res 33: 2823. 2013
Novel Curcumin Oral Delivery Systems.
T. KURITA, Y. MAKINO (Kagawa; Noda, Japan). Anticancer Res 33: 2807. 2013
Is there a Benefit from Addiction to Anti-VEGF Therapy in Patients with Colorectal Cancer?
M.W. SAIF(Boston, MA, USA). Anticancer Res 33: 2377. 2013
Endoscopic and Endobronchial Ultrasound-guided Needle Aspiration in the Mediastinal Staging of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer.
T. RAPTAKIS, P. BOURA, S. TSIMPOUKIS, I. GKIOZOS, K.N. SYRIGOS (Ierapetra; Athens, Greece). Anticancer Res 33: 2369. 2013
Inguinal Canal Tumors of Adulthood.
Junctional Adhesion Molecules in Cerebral Endothelial Tight Junction and Brain Metastasis.
W. JIA, T.A. MARTIN, G. ZHANG, W.G. JIANG (Beijing, PR China; Cardiff, UK). Anticancer Res 33: 2353. 2013
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