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Reviews 2005-2018

Molecular Mechanisms of Anti-metastatic Activity of Curcumin. Y. DENG, E. VERRON, R. ROHANIZADEH (Sydney, Australia; Nantes, France). Anticancer Res 36:5639-5647, 2016.
Discovery of Anticancer Agents of Diverse Natural Origin. A.D. KINGHORN, E.J. CARCACHE DE BLANCO, D.M. LUCAS, H.L. RAKOTONDRAIBE, J. ORJALA, D.D. SOEJARTO, N.H. OBERLIES, C.J. PEARCE, M.C. WANI, B.R. STOCKWELL, J.E. BURDETTE, S.M. SWANSON, J.R. FUCHS, M.A. PHELPS, L. XU, X. ZHANG, Y.Y. SHEN (Columbus, OH; Chicago, IL; Greensboro; Hillsborough; Research Triangle Park, NC; New York, NY; Madison, WI; Andover, MA, USA). Anticancer Res 36:5623-5637, 2016.
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Therapeutic Innovations for Targeting Hepatoblastoma. A. GARNIER, M. ILMER, R. KAPPLER, M. BERGER (Munich, Germany; Atlanta, GA, USA). Anticancer Res 36:5577-5592, 2016.
MicroRNAs: A Puzzling Tool in Cancer Diagnostics and Therapy. B. D’ANGELO, E. BENEDETTI, A. CIMINI, A. GIORDANO (Philadelphia, PA, USA; L’Aquila; Assergi; Siena, Italy). Anticancer Res 36:5571-5575, 2016.
Non-epithelial Ovarian Cancer: Elucidating Uncommon Gynaecological Malignancies. S. BOUSSIOS, G. ZARKAVELIS, E. SERAJ, I. ZERDES, K. TATSI, G. PENTHEROUDAKIS (Ioannina, Greece). Anticancer Res 36:5031-5042,2016.
Antiangiogenic Therapy in Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors. M. CAPOZZI, C. VON ARX, C. DE DIVITIIS, A. OTTAIANO, F. TATANGELO, G.M. ROMANO, S. TAFUTO (Naples, Italy). Anticancer Res 36:5025-5030,2016.
Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors: A Novel Therapeutic Weapon Αgainst Medullary Thyroid Cancer? C. DAMASKOS, S. VALSAMI, E. SPARTALIS, E.A. ANTONIOU, P. TOMOS, S. KARAMAROUDIS, T. ZOUMPOU, V. PERGIALIOTIS, K. STERGIOS, C. MICHAELIDES, K. KONTZOGLOU, D. PERREA, N. NIKITEAS, D. DIMITROULIS (Athens, Greece; Harlow, UK).  Anticancer Res 36:5019-5024,2016.
Ageing as an Important Risk Factor for Cancer. K. SMETANA JR., L. LACINA, P. SZABO, B. DVOŘÁNKOVÁ, P. BROŽ, A. ŠEDO (Prague; Vestec, Czech Republic; Kosice, Slovak Republic).  Anticancer Res 36:5009-5017,2016.
Molecular Pathology and Novel Clinical Therapy for Uterine Leiomyosarcoma. T. HAYASHI, M. KAWANO, T. ICHIMURA, K. IDA, H. ANDO, D. ZHARHARY, Y. KANAI, H. ABURATANI, S. TONEGAWA, T. SHIOZAWA, N. YAEGASHI, I. KONISHI (Nagano; Chiba; Fukuoka; Osaka; Tokyo; Miyagi; Kyoto, Japan; Rehovot, Israel; Cambridge, MA, USA). Anticancer Res 36:4997-5007,2016.
Re-irradiation for Recurrent Primary Brain Tumors. C. NIEDER, N.H. ANDRATSCHKE, A.L. GROSU (Bodø; Tromsø, Norway; Zurich, Switzerland; Freiburg, Germany). Anticancer Res 36:4985-4995,2016
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Immunotherapy in Acute Leukemias: Implications and Perspectives Using Wt1 Antigen. G.C.M. CEBINELLI, N.D.S. PEREIRA, M.M. SENA, C.E.C. DE OLIVEIRA, T.C. FUJITA, S.P.D. DA ROCHA, F.J.D.A. OLIVEIRA, P.C. MARINELLO, M.A.E. WATANABE (Londrina-Paraná, Brazil). Anticancer Res 36:3795-3802,2016.
The Role of FOXP3 in Human Cancers. Ł. SZYLBERG, D. KARBOWNIK, A. MARSZAŁEK (Torun; Poznan, Poland). Anticancer Res 36:3789-3794,2016.
Non-routine Tracers for PET Imaging of High-grade Glioma. G. FROSINA (Genoa, Italy). Anticancer Res 36:3253-3260,2016.
The Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Scandinavia: A Review Article. J. NILSSON, M. KÄLLMAN, U. ÖSTLUND, G. HOLGERSSON, M. BERGQVIST, S. BERGSTRÖM (Gavle; Umea, Sweden). Anticancer Res 36:3243-3251,2016.
Current Status of Biological Therapies for the Treatment of Metastatic Melanoma. T. TANG, R. ELDABAJE, L. YANG (San Francisco, CA, USA). Anticancer Res 36:3229-3241,2016.
Sphingosine Kinase Inhibitors as Maintenance Therapy of Glioblastoma After Ceramide-Induced Response. L.A. SORDILLO, P.P. SORDILLO, L. HELSON (Quakertown, PA, USA). Anticancer Res 36:2085-2095,2016.
The NFĸB Signaling Pathway in Papillomavirus-induced Lesions: Friend or Foe? R.M. GIL DA COSTA, M.M.S.M. BASTOS, R. MEDEIROS, P.A. OLIVEIRA (Porto; Vila Real, Portugal). Anticancer Res 36:2073-2083,2016.
Methods to Increase Future Liver Remnant Volume in Patients with Primarily Unresectable Colorectal Liver Metastases: Current State and Future Perspectives. V. TRESKA (Pilsen, Czech Republic). Anticancer Res 36:2065-2071,2016.
PARP Inhibitors in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer: State of Art and Perspectives of Clinical Research. A. GADDUCCI, M.E. GUERRIERI (Pisa, Italy). Anticancer Res 36:2055-2064,2016.
Refining the Performance of Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy Postneoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Patients with Pathologically Proven Pre-treatment Node-positive Breast Cancer: An Update for Clinical Practice. H.E.H. CHEHADE, H. HEADON, A. KASEM, K. MOKBEL (London, UK). Anticancer Res 36:1461-1471,2016.
From Inflammation to Cancer in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Molecular Perspectives. M. ROMANO, F. DE FRANCESCO, L. ZARANTONELLO, C. RUFFOLO, G.A. FERRARO, G. ZANUS, A. GIORDANO, N. BASSI, U. CILLO (Padua; Naples; Treviso; Siena, Italy; Philadelphia, PA, USA). Anticancer Res 36:1447-1460,2016.
Extracorporeal Photopheresis for Non-skin GvHD. J. BITTENBRING, J. REICHRATH (Homburg, Germany). Anticancer Res 36:1395-1396,2016.
Light - Instead of UV Protection: New Requirements for Skin Cancer Prevention. L. ZASTROW, J. LADEMANN (Berlin, Germany). Anticancer Res 36:1389-1393,2016.
Vitamin D and Mortality. S. PILZ, M. GRÜBLER, M. GAKSCH, V. SCHWETZ, C. TRUMMER, B.Ó. HARTAIGH, N. VERHEYEN, A. TOMASCHITZ, W. MÄRZ (Graz; Bad Aussee, Austria; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Bern, Switzerland; New York, NY; New Haven, CT, USA; Mannheim, Germany). Anticancer Res 36:1379-1387,2016.
Photocarcinogenesis and Skin Cancer Prevention Strategies. C. SEEBODE, J. LEHMANN, S. EMMERT (Rostock; Goettingen, Germany). Anticancer Res 36:1371-1378,2016.
Roles of Solar UVB and Vitamin D in Reducing Cancer Risk and Increasing Survival. W.B. GRANT (San Francisco, CA, USA). Anticancer Res 36:1357-1370,2016.
Tumour–Endothelial Cell Communications: Important and Indispensable Mediators of Tumour Angiogenesis. B.M. LOPES-BASTOS, W.G. JIANG, J. CAI (Cardiff, UK). Anticancer Res 36:1119-1126,2016.
Update on Biomarkers in Development of Anti-angiogenic Drugs in Gastric Cancer. S. JIA, J. CAI (Cardiff, UK; Beijing, PR China). Anticancer Res 36:1111-1118,2016.
Phosphoinositide-3-Kinase Enhancers, PIKEs: Their Biological Functions and Roles in Cancer. W. JIA, Y. FENG, A.J. SANDERS, E.L. DAVIES, W.G. JIANG (Cardiff, UK; Guangzhou, PR China). Anticancer Res 36:1103-1109,2016.
Biomarkers in Colorectal Cancer. A.J. YIU, C.Y. YIU (London, UK). Anticancer Res 36:1093-1102,2016.
Anticancer Properties of Capsaicin Against Human Cancer. R. CLARK, S.-H. LEE (College Park, MD, USA). Anticancer Res 36:837-843,2016.
Human Papillomavirus as a Diagnostic and Prognostic Tool in Cancer of Unknown Primary in the Head and Neck Region. L. SIVARS, E. TANI, A. NÄSMAN, T. RAMQVIST, E. MUNCK-WIKLAND, T. DALIANIS (Stockholm, Sweden). Anticancer Res 36:487-493. 2016.
TAS-102 an Emerging Oral Fluoropyrimidine. J. CHEN, M. HAN, M.W. SAIF (St. Lucia; Wollongong, Australia; Boston, MA, USA). Anticancer Res 36:21-26. 2016.
Factors Affecting Survival in Patients with Lung Metastases from Colorectal Cancer. A Short Meta-analysis. F. LUMACHI, G.B. CHIARA, R. TOZZOLI, A. DEL CONTEA, S.M.M. BASSO (Padova; Pordenone, Italy). Anticancer Res 36:13-19. 2016.
Potential of Amifostine for Chemoradiotherapy and Radiotherapy-associated Toxicity Reduction in Advanced NSCLC: A Meta-Analysis. A. DEVINE, L. MARIGNOL (Dublin, Ireland). Anticancer Res 36:5-12. 2016.
Using Epigenetic Therapy to Overcome Chemotherapy Resistance. J. STRAUSS, W.D. FIGG (Bethesda, MD, USA). Anticancer Res 36:1-4. 2016.
Innovative Therapeutic Strategies in the Treatment of Meningioma. G. CARUSO, S.K. ELBABAA, P. GONZALEZ-LOPEZ, V. BARRESI, M. PASSALACQUA, M. CAFFO (Messina, Italy; Saint Louis, MO, USA; Alicante, Spain). Anticancer Res 35: 6391-6400. 2015
Extracellular Vesicles as Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets in Breast Cancer. L. SADOVSKA, J. EGLĪTIS, A. LINĒ (Riga, Latvia). Anticancer Res 35: 6379-6390. 2015
Curcumin for the Treatment of Glioblastoma. L.A. SORDILLO, P.P. SORDILLO, L. HELSON (Quakertown PA, USA). Anticancer Res 35: 6373-6378. 2015
Increased Production of Lysozyme Associated with Bacterial Proliferation in Barrett’s Esophagitis, Chronic Gastritis, Gluten-induced Atrophic Duodenitis (Celiac Disease), Lymphocytic Colitis, Collagenous Colitis, Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Colitis. C.A. RUBIO (Stockholm, Sweden). Anticancer Res 35: 6365-6372. 2015
Long-term BCR-ABL1 Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Therapy in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. J. PINILLA- IBARZ, K. SWEET, J. EMOLE, M. FRADLEY (Tampa, FL, USA). Anticancer Res 35: 6355-6364. 2015
Primary Breast Cancer with Synchronous Metastatic Disease – Indications for Local Radiotherapy to the Breast and Chest Wall. S. JANSSEN, D. RADES (Hannover; Lubeck, Germany). Anticancer Res 35: 5807-5812. 2015
Brain Metastases in NSCLC – Are TKIs Changing the Treatment Strategy? W.C.M. DEMPKE, K. EDVARDSEN, S. LU, N. REINMUTH, M. RECK, A. INOUE (Cambridge, UK; Munich; Grosshansdorf, Germany; Shanghai, PR China; Sendai, Japan). Anticancer Res 35: 5797-5806. 2015
Relationship Between Metabolic Reprogramming and Mitochondrial Activity in Cancer Cells. Understanding the Anticancer Effect of Metformin and Its Clinical Implications. M. CAZZANIGA, B. BONANNI (Milan, Italy). Anticancer Res 35: 5789-5796. 2015
Natural Products That Target Cancer Stem Cells. J. MOSELHY, S. SRINIVASAN, M.K. ANKEM, C. DAMODARAN (Louisville, KY, USA). Anticancer Res 35: 5773-5788. 2015
Therapeutic Potential of Thalidomide and Its Analogues in the Treatment of Cancer. G.V. SHERBET (Huntington Beach, CA, USA; Newcastle, UK). Anticancer Res 35: 5767-5772. 2015
Can Imatinib Be Safely Withdrawn in Patients with Surgically Resected Metastatic GIST? I. HOMPLAND, Ø.S. BRULAND (Oslo, Norway). Anticancer Res 35: 5759-5765. 2015
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